04.20.17 - Volkswagen TDI

04.20.17 - Volkswagen TDI

After months of discussion regarding the Volkswagen diesel scandal, there may be a way for Volkswagen to put some diesel models back on the road and make it so that we can have diesel models from this brand. For several months the EPA had denied applications and proposals for some of the fixes that Volkswagen had come up with but now it seems the brand may have received approval for some of the fixes that could be used on the cars we love to drive. This is good news for those who want to continue to drive their TDI models.

Since the admittance of the scandal, the TDI engine of VW has been deleted from the market. This came to be in September of 2015 and one of the ideas that were brought up and considered for approval was to have a fix added to these cars to allow them to be able to adhere to the emissions regulations of the EPA and CARB. Unfortunately, most of what was proposed only brought these models to a level of being eight times over the legal limit. While that’s a significant improvement over the forty times allowable that had been the case, it wasn’t enough.

Now it seems Volkswagen is supposed to have a fix for these emissions issues and that will make it possible for some models to be sold. The models that will be allowed to be sold are the 2015 TDI models that have been sitting in limbo since the scandal unfolded. The fix for these vehicles has been approved and changes the software and the hardware to ensure these vehicles will be able to meet the standards. The good news for dealers is the fact they won’t have to wait until the fixes are in place to sell these cars, they can sell them and then have them repaired afterward.

The efforts by Volkswagen, as it would be with any company, was to find a way to minimize the losses and the negativity associated with this scandal by trying to recover more of the lost revenue with sales. Not only would sales of these remaining models, even if they were sold at discounts, help with the financial recovery, fixing vehicles currently on the road is the cheapest fix for this company and help create fewer instances where the company has to buy back the models that have been affected.

Recovering these lost sales is certainly one of the priorities for Volkswagen but even the new fixes that have been put on have been met with some troubles. These fixes have already been applied in Europe and some owners feel the fix is ruining their cars. The ruin is in the form of a car that doesn’t operate as advertised even after the diesel fix is in place.

The choice to have your VW TDI model fixed or bought back is certainly yours to make, but if the vehicles that have been fixed in Europe aren’t performing well, it’s a good bet other won’t either. You might be better off choosing one of the other gas powered vehicles from VW to have what you want.

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