Looking at What the Stinger Offers

Looking at What the Stinger Offers

If there was a brand that shows the way a car company should grow over time, it’s Kia. This brand showed up on the market in the US a little over two decades ago as a brand that is a discount name and it has grown since then. Today the Kia name offers us some of the most attractive and impressive vehicles we’ve ever had in the class and now they are moving up the market with the new Stinger that will be offered as the sport luxury model that we’re going to love to drive on the roads and on the tracks. Check out some of the pros and cons of what the new Stinger brings.


Driving Dynamics – The Stinger offers a list of impressive items for you to have the drive you’re looking for on the road. This is a car that’s built to be smooth and comfortable while offering you the ability to have the drive you’re looking for when you head out to the track. This car is one you’re going to want to get in and head out for some fun.

Pricing – When you picture driving a sports sedan of this quality you typically expect to pay over $40,000 for a car of this quality just to get in and enjoy the ride. The Stinger offers a base price of less than $33,000 for you to have the drive you want with the 2.0-liter turbo four while the V6 GT model starts at closer at a little under $40,000.

Captures Your Attention – Take one look at the new Stinger and you’re going to immediately be impressed by what this car has to offer you. This impressive car is one that looks amazing and certainly appears as if it should be wearing a brand badge that plays in a higher area of the market than what Kia typically does.

Luxury Experience – Get behind the wheel and love what you feel and experience in the Stinger. This excellent car is one that’s been crafted the right way and looks amazing to make sure you can have the drive you want on the road and on the track. While it might not be on the level of an Audi, it certainly challenges most of the other brands when you want a great vehicle to drive.


Hood Vents – The hood vents on the Stinger look impressive but they don’t function the way you would expect them to. In a car that’s being offered as a sports model, you would anticipate every aspect of the car will work and function to give you more of what you want to enjoy on the road. This is simply a bit of window dressing that might become functional in future models.

Canadian Sales – We will have the benefit of the entire lineup in the US but Canadians will only be able to purchase the V6 model with AWD. This may be in part due to the harsher winters or the cost to move more models to Canada, but considering they will have the highest trim of the new Stinger they probably don’t have much to complain about.

Adaptive Cruise Control – It’s nice to have an adaptive cruise control system on a car and there is one present on the Stinger but it’s a bit jerky when active. If this is one of only true complaints about the new Stinger, I think we can deal with this new car and know that we’ve got a model that’s pretty impressive to enjoy out on the road.

Pricy – The conundrum that faces the Stinger might be the same that faced the K900 when it first arrived. It’s hard to believe you might have to pay nearly $50,000 for a Kia model, but that’s exactly what it could be with this car if you choose the top model with all the bells and whistles that are offered for the ride. That price is well worth it for this excellent car.

Right for You

If you’re looking for a sport luxury sedan that enters the class that’s been occupied only by the Nissan Maxima in the past, the Kia Stinger is the new model that will give you everything you’re looking for when you’re ready to drive.

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