Plug the Kia Niro in When You Can and Drive Right

Enjoy the drive you’re looking for in a hybrid/EV model when you see the new Kia Niro.  This little vehicle is right for you to experience driving.

When you’re looking for the hybrid model that you’ll want to have for the drive you need to know what the difference is between a typical hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and an EV model. A typical hybrid is one that uses regenerative braking to add power to the batteries to run the hybrid motors.

A plug-in hybrid is one that you can plug in and charge up the batteries but has a gasoline engine to give more range. An EV is solely reliant on the power from the batteries and needs to be plugged in every night. Knowing this, if you choose a plug-in hybrid that can be the one you want to drive, you can take the relaxed and laid back attitude to plug it in when you can while relying on the gasoline engine the rest of the time.

Check Out the Kia Niro

The newest member of the Kia brand to join in with the Optima, Sportage, and Soul for the drive is the new Kia Niro. This is a small PHEV model to give you the ability to plug it in when you want to and let the gasoline engine handle the drive when you don’t.

This new small Kia hybrid model is offered with an 8.9-kWh battery that’s fitted under the backseat to make sure it doesn’t take away any of the seating or cargo space that you have inside this little SUV. This battery pack can charge in about 2.5 hours with a Level 2 charger or nine hours in a typical wall outlet.

The power from the motors gives you sixty horsepower to bring the total output to 139 ponies and 195 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive when the electric system is operating in conjunction with the gasoline engine.

More for the Drive in the Kia Niro

Why can you plug in a PHEV whenever you want? With the new Niro Plug-In Hybrid model, you’ll have the benefit of a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that works on the Atkinson cycle to help you have the drive you’re looking for. This layout is capable of claiming forty percent of the thermal efficiency while being connected to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

This layout gives you impressive fuel mileage which is enough to make it easy for you to have the drive you want even when you forget to charge the battery the night before. Overall, the efficiency of the new Kia Niro PHEV comes in at 48 city/44 hwy mpg for the ride you’re looking for when it’s time to get on the road.

Range When You Want It

If you do have a full gas tank and a full charge for the battery pack before you head out, you’re going to have a total range of as much as 560 miles. The EV range from a full charge before you’ll ever have to touch a drop of gas is around 26 miles, which is enough to give you the ride you need for most of your daily driving around town.

When you shop for this little vehicle, you’ll be able to choose from three different trims which are LX, EX, and EX Premium. The LX gives you a power driver’s seat, dual-zone automatic climate controls, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment screen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The EX adds blind-spot detection, rear cross-traffic alerts, and heated front seats to the mix.

The EX Premium gives you leather upholstery, ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, a Harman/Kardon audio system, a wireless phone charger, and an eight-inch infotainment screen that also gives you the benefit of a navigation system.

The Kia Niro is Simpler than it Sounds

The idea with a plug-in hybrid model such as the Kia Niro PHEV is simple; plug it in when you can and use the gas when you don’t. This model joins the other Niro models in the lineup that brings us the Optima, Sportage, and Sedona as three of the most practical models on the market. It’s no wonder this new version of the Niro fits in as well as it does for the drive you want.

Take a look at this impressive hybrid and see if it’s the one that will be right for you when you visit your nearby Kia dealership today.

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