Upgrades Where We Want Them in a Buick

Upgrades Where We Want Them in a Buick

Buick has been working hard to offer us more of what we want to drive on the road. These improvements to please the masses transitions up toward the models that are right for you to have the drive you want with an upgraded and impressive Enclave flagship SUV that can be perfect for the drive. This three-row SUV is offered with the qualities you’re looking for with the increase of tech, refinement, and comfort to be an SUV that’s more of what you’re going to want to enjoy when it’s time to head out on the road.

When you’re looking at the increased qualities of the new Buick Enclave you’ll be able to enjoy the quality drive and performance from the 3.6-liter V6 engine that’s able to offer you 310 horsepower and 266 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is attached to a nine-speed automatic transmission to offer you the driving performance that’s right for you on the road. This SUV can offer up to 25 mpg on the highway and rides on a smooth chassis to make it feel as if you’re practically gliding across the road toward the destination you have in mind.

Check Out the Changes

While the engine and the knowledge that there are improvements might not turn your head for the Enclave, this is an SUV that rides on a new architecture which is shared with the Chevrolet Traverse. These two models may share this along with the floor pan and engine cradle, but everything else about the new Buick Enclave is unique to this SUV and gives you the upscale premium qualities you want to enjoy out on the road. You’re going to be amazed by what you find with this SUV and the changes that have been made.
The wheelbase and length of the body have been stretched by about two inches compared to the previous model. This allows for more leg room in the rear seats to make sure you can have what you’re looking for. This size change allows the Enclave to be larger than most of the competition on the market to ensure you can have the drive you’re looking for when you choose a vehicle that has what you’re ready to enjoy on the road. Your rear seat passengers will be grateful for the choice you make when you choose this SUV as the one you want.

The Avenir Lives

If you can remember a time when Buick showed up at the motor show circuit with the Avenir model you’ll be glad to see this name lives and becomes one of the trim levels of the Buick Enclave. Eventually this may become a sub-brand from Buick, but for now it will show itself as the fourth trim level for this SUV and sit atop the Premium, Essence, and standard models with more for the drive and the qualities that will make it easy to admire and enjoy out on the roads that you drive on a regular basis.
The Avenir is a trim that will give you mesh grill inserts, special 20-inch wheels, a chestnut-brown interior, a mahogany-trimmed steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, and adjustable shocks. This version is also tuned up and refined to be as quiet as possible with the use of the Buick Quiet Tuning. This is created with the use of laminated glass, more foam insulation, multi-layer wheel liners, and more spray in sound deadening along with active noise cancellation. This model is one you’ll get inside and take a ride that’s quiet and easy to admire along the way.

Overall Impression

You’re going to be able to enjoy the drive and experience that makes this the right SUV for you and your family to have the drive you’re looking for. This is an SUV that’s roomy everywhere you want it to be, gives you the premium feeling and trim items, offers a drivetrain that’s refined and easy to experience on the road, has a minimum of body roll while you drive, offers a style that shows off a windswept appearance and is easy to enjoy and love when it’s on the road. Take a look at this SUV and see if you want an Enclave to allow you the driving experience you want.



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