Let the GMC Canyon Be the Truck You Drive

Let the GMC Canyon Be the Truck You Drive

Midsize trucks are unique in the automotive world. These trucks balance the need for a smooth ride, good fuel mileage, and impressive power together to give you one vehicle that can do it all. One of the most impressive midsize trucks you’ll find is the GMC Canyon. This truck has a rugged appearance, offers a trim that reaches near-luxury levels of driving, and it gives you the quality drive you’re looking for.

A Couple of Small Changes for the 2020 Model

The GMC Canyon is in its return generation after a hiatus from the market. Because of this, there aren’t many upgrades from one year to the next. The notable changes for the 2020 version of the Canyon give you a digital rearview camera which is offered for all trims and a few new color options for you to have the look you want when you take a drive.

The GMC Canyon Offers an Affordable Base Model

If you start at the base model of the GMC Canyon, you’ll find a truck that you can easily afford to drive and enjoy every day. This truck has the power needed to do some truck stuff and the efficiency required to keep the price of fuel and driving lower for you. Enjoy the style, build, and quality features offered for the GMC Canyon that can be the truck that you’ll want to experience when you get behind the wheel.

This GMC has Solid Braking Performance

You’ll fee secure when you drive the GMC Canyon and you allow it to be the truck that will slow and stop you the way you want. The stopping power is excellent and certainly on par with many of the larger vehicles in the market. Enjoy the drive and know that you can stop your truck and the load you’re carrying with confidence when you let the Canyon be the truck you drive.

An All-Terrain Package for the GMC Canyon

GMC has developed a trim for most of its models called AT4. This trim is offered as a package on the GMC Canyon to give you the upgrades you’re looking for when you want to take a drive. This truck, with the AT4 package, gives you an improved suspension, better wheels, hill-descent control, and skidplates to protect the underbody of the truck that you drive.

OnStar Communications for Your GMC Truck

If you’ve never driven a vehicle from GM, you won’t know about the OnStar Communications system, but once you choose the GMC Canyon, you’ll be glad to have this system at your disposal. This system allows you to push a button and get help when you need it, have a navigation system with turn-by-turn directions, and much more. Once you use the OnStar system, you won’t want to drive any vehicle without it.

The Fuel Economy of the GMC Canyon

Most of the midsize trucks in the class with the GMC Canyon put an emphasis on having better fuel mileage than the large models that you’ll find. There are three different powertrains offered for the Canyon to give you several options for the fuel mileage you’re looking for. The diesel engine can give you the most fuel savings to make sure you have the results you desire.

Enjoy the Power of the Canyon

The base engine of the GMC Canyon is a four-cylinder model that could be good enough, but you can upgrade to a V6 gasoline engine or a diesel model and have more power for the drive you want to make every day. Choose the right power level for your drive and know that you’ve found the truck that you want to take out for a drive.

Upgraded Handling of the GMC Canyon

The GMC team did an amazing job of balancing the power and the handling of the GMC Canyon together. These two factors make it easy for you to have the drive you want and the drive that will offer you the feeling you want. Take a drive and know that you have a truck that can be perfect for you to have the drive you’re looking for in the GMC Canyon.

The Style that’s Right for You

Its time to have a midsize truck, but there are a lot to choose from. If you’re looking for one of the most rugged and engaging trucks offered, you’ll be pleased to have the GMC Canyon that is right for you to have the truck build and the power needed to get things done. See the team at the GMC dealer in your area and ask them to show you the rugged handsomeness of the Canyon.

Feel the Comfort of the GMC Canyon

One of the most important aspects of driving the GMC Canyon is the fact that you’ll have a comfortable drive on the roads that you encounter. Step inside and check out the large seats, the comfortable padding offered, and the quality features that will allow you to enjoy the feeling you desire on the road. This truck can be perfect when you have a lot of long-distance driving to do.

The Infotainment System is Excellent

You’ll have a high-quality infotainment system when you drive the GMC Canyon. This system allows you to connect and enjoy the use of the apps that you see on your smartphone every day. You’ll have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth connections for this system. There’s also an available in-car Wi-Fi hotspot that can be used so that you can connect to the internet.

Let the GMC Canyon be Right for You

If you want to see the different trims, packages, and features offered for the GMC Canyon, you need to see the right team today. Visit your local GMC dealer and they can assist you in finding the model of this truck that will give you the power and performance you’re looking for when you get ready to drive. The truck you take home can be the one you depend on every day when you choose the Canyon.

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