Enjoy the Driving Qualities of the Subaru Outback

When you take a look at what the Subaru Outback has for you, you’ll see a model that offers you a brand new platform and the right drive.

You’ll have new engines, a long list of great upgrades, and a vehicle that gives you more. You can take this SUV out on the trails and have the adventures that you’ve been looking forward to. Get behind the wheel and take a drive in the Outback that will offer you the freedom you’re looking for when you want to enjoy the weekend out in the wilderness.

Can You Get Good Fuel Mileage in the Subaru Outback?

The Subaru Outback is in the midsize five-passenger SUV class and it has the fuel mileage that will certainly impress you. This SUV is powered by an excellent turbocharged four-cylinder engine that makes it possible for you to know that you can have the fuel savings you want.

Not only will you have the fuel mileage that makes sense, but the engine is also a flat-four which means it’s going to give you a better center of gravity than what you find in other models.

Subaru Makes Handling Better

Thanks in part to the brake-induced active torque vectoring, the handling of the Subaru Outback is pretty impressive. This SUV allows you to have a responsive suspension and active steering to take on the curves and the turns with ease.

This is another area where the flat engine is able to give you the feeling you want when you get ready to take this SUV out for a drive. You’ll love the way this SUV feels when you take a drive and enjoy what this vehicle brings for your daily drive to and from work and when you want to take it out for a ride on the weekends.

The Off-Road Prowess of the Subaru Outback

Not only will you find the standard AWD system offered in the Subaru Outback that will offer you the capability needed to take this SUV out on the trails. The Outback has 8.7 inches of ground clearance to make sure you can enjoy the experience on the trails.

You can go everywhere and know that you can enjoy the fun in the wilderness. The Outback is also good for driving through deep snow, mud, and on the sand where you can find a remote area of the beach and see the ocean.

Do You Want to Experience the Subaru Difference?

You’re looking for a great drive on and off the roads and the Subaru Outback can be the right SUV for you to go wherever you want. This vehicle spells freedom for you in a way that makes a huge difference to you.

It’s easy for you to have the drive you want when you visit your local Subaru dealer and take a drive in the Outback. You’re going to love what this iconic SUV has to offer for your daily drive.

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