It’s Back Baby! The Ford Ranger returned to the market only a few short years ago, and it’s already stormed the castle of the midsize pickup truck class.

While we missed this impressive truck during the time it was gone, we can certainly appreciate what it has meant to the market now that it’s back. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the models that have been the best offered over time. Maybe there’s a used Ford Ranger in the mix that you should buy.

1988 Ranger 2WD

Many people who still own one of the original models of this Ford truck have one from the 1988 mode year.
This truck was made to last, and it certainly has done that. The 2WD models were offered with a super cab and a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine that provided plenty of power. Many were equipped with a five-speed manual transmission to give you something you don’t find in the models offered today. Air conditioning was an option, but many owners chose to ensure it was part of the package when they drove off the lot.

2000 Ranger 2WD

The 2000 Ford Ranger gave us a new generation and a compelling truck that offered more for the drive. Even though this model was a 2WD version, you could opt for the trailhead package and allow this impressive truck to look like a 4WD model. This truck included 16-inch tires that were perfect for going out on the trails for some fun. You could have fog lamps to see where you need, and the suspension upgrades included gave this truck a much better ride.

2003 Ranger 4WD

This model brought us an extended cab with a short bed, making it perfect or off-roading. You could find a five-speed manual transmission to give you the shifting you want when driving. Fuel mileage was pretty good at 19 city/23 hwy mpg, and you could fit five people in this truck when you needed to. The ride was smooth, and the addition of 4WD made this truck a capable off-roader. If you were looking for an affordable used Ford Ranger to drive, this would be one that makes the cut.

2010 Ranger

When you wanted a truck that was affordable, this Ford pickup was an excellent choice. The base model gave you an efficient engine to make sure you didn’t use too much fuel during your drive. The 2WD models were capable of handling some off-road duties, which was something unique in this truck market. Many of the 2010 models are still on the road, proving this to be one of the toughest trucks in the market. The option of leather upholstery could give a diver more comfort, and music certainly sounded better coming out of the Pioneer audio system.

2001 Ranger 2WD

New metal in front of the windshield gave this used Ford Ranger an impressive new look that we hadn’t seen previously. If you wanted a sporty truck, this was the truck to buy. It came with a monochromatic exterior build that let you know it was ready to play. This truck has 16-inch wheels, a 2.3-liter engine, and a cargo extension for the bed.

Anti-lock brakes were part of what this truck had to offer, along with the choice of either a three-piece split-bench front seat or front buckets.

2008 Ranger

Changes were made to give the 2008 model of the Ford Ranger a more aerodynamic appearance starting with the front bumper. This truck came with a passive anti-theft security system that came standard, giving owners the desired peace of mind. This was one of the first Ranger models with an audio input jack included to allow you to enjoy music from an external device. This truck was offered with either a manual or automatic transmission, and it was one of the most popular models ever made.

1994 Ranger 2WD

If you wanted to have one of the most reliable trucks to drive, the 1994 version was the one you would choose. This used Ford Ranger came with a standard cab, and it was easily one of the most useful and dependable vehicles in the market.

Some of these trucks are still driving strong on the road, well after the time other models have been scrapped for parts. Fuel mileage was between 21 and 24 mpg combined, which was excellent for a truck from the ‘90s.

2011 Ranger

Even today, the 2011 Ford Ranger is one of the most popular trucks in the market. This truck was offered with an extended cab that had two doors. The bed size wasn’t shortened for this truck, which made it quite useful on any road.

There was room for five passengers to go wherever they needed. You might still see some of the 2011 models out on the roads today; many owners don’t want to give up this impressive truck.

1999 Ranger 4WD

The second most popular Ranger in history is this 1999 version with 4WD as part of the mix.
This truck is good for 22 city/27 hwy mpg for you to have the efficiency needed for the drive.

If you are looking for a used Ford Ranger, you might want to check out the model year that was just before the new century turned. This impressive truck is built to be tough, easy to drive, and rugged on the roads and trails to wherever you want to go.

1986 Ranger Cab Chassis

When you hear the saying “they just don’t make things like they used to,” this version of the Ford Ranger fits the bill. This 1986 model is the most popular Ranger ever made and for good reason. The fuel mileage was impressive, the build was excellent, and you could trust this truck to go wherever you wanted it to take you.

It’s not likely you’ll find a used model to buy from 1986, but if you do and it’s in good shape, it just might be the truck you love to drive the most.

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