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Land Rover Defender Ultimate RS

Even though the Land Rover Defender is the height of SUV performance off the road and gives owners everything they could want in order to enjoy an awesome off road adventure, but what if your Defender needs to be tuned for the urban environment without losing any of its off road ability? Enter in the Land Rover Defender Ultimate RS which is simply a crazy version of the already awesome SUV which has been tuned by the British tuning company called Urban Truck.

The extensive makeover that took place was to change the truck from the off road machine it already was ( the height of class and off road adventure) to a mean and lean Urban road prowler that could still handle the off road terrain. The first and most noticeable changes were the new black pain, wide tires, a new grill and new lights which were all in place to give the vehicle a more aggressive appearance and allow it to show off some muscle in a slick and attractive fashion. Other changes that were made to the Defender included adding special Bilstein dampers, a new anti-roll bar, sports springs and large Yokohama tires to wrap the 18-inch wheels in snug road hugging comfort. The Defender was also lowered by two inches which gives it a more planted look as if it was actually hugging onto the road.

Once inside this SUV there were several other noticeable changes, most notably the sport flat-bottomed steering wheel. Other interior changes included the sport seats and the wrapping of every seat and the steering wheel in beautiful leather for comfort, support and ride pleasure. Add the awesome sound that comes out of the new Alpine sound system and speakers and the interior is a place many wouldn’t want to ever leave.

Under the hood, the Defender swapped out its engine for the massive power of the Corvette engine in the form of a 6.2-liter 500 horsepower V8 monster of an engine that gives this massive beast some unbelievable power under the hood. Not only did the engine get changed out, but added exterior improvement included a special body kit which was made from carbon fiber parts (to keep the weight down), dual stainless steel exhausts and blackened front and rear lights all to give the Defender the urban prowler look that it finishes off with.

Not everyone is going to change their Defender into an urban monster found in the Land Rover Defender Ultimate RS, but for those who do the changes made by Urban Truck keep the Defender able to handle some hard off road trails along with gaining the amazing urban prowler look that turns heads and shakes things up in the luxury SUV segment. This SUV went from a high sided off road monster with reasonable on road manners to one that is ultra-comfortable in an urban setting and gives us something else to talk about from the top of the luxury SUV platform.

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