Herbie Love Bug

Car collectors and those who just love nostalgic vehicles are always looking for a deal. Many iconic vehicles and classic cars are sold at auction. Some may be there to raise money for charity, and some car owners may be looking to make a buck, but one thing’s for sure. When an iconic or classic car is for sale, everyone’s a winner. The seller makes a buck, and the car lover collects a treasure for all to behold.

There are some iconic vehicles that have gone up on the auction block, and you might be surprised at how much they went for. Herbie The Love Bug was an iconic Volkswagen Beetle that went up for auction and fetched a whopping $126,500! The Porsche 908 used in the 1971 movie Le Mans went for $3,419,215 at auction! Even the Swamp Rat Truck used in the Beverly Hillbillies series was purchased at auction for $275,000. I Love Lucy used a 1955 Pontiac Star Convertible that went for $220,000 at auction.

1958 Plymouth Fury

Other notable vehicles that were sold at auction include the 1958 Plymouth Fury used in the thriller Christine for $198,000, a 1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost used in the Great Gatsby for $127,198 and Marlene Dietrich’s 1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom from the movie Morocco sold for $742,500 at auction.

K.I.T.T. the car from Knight Rider sold two versions of the vehicle at auction. The highly modified 1983 Pontiac Trans Ams used by David Hasselhoff went for $54,625 and $69,000. In May 2005, Vin Diesel’s twin turbo 1993 Mazda RX7 in The Fast and The Furious sold for $40,250, while another one of the RX7’s yielded only $23,500 at auction.

Ford Thunderbird Thelma and Louise

Other iconic vehicles sold at auction are the DeLorean from Back To The Future that sold for $40,250, as well as a similar DeLorean that sold for $541,000 in 2011. The beautiful Ford Thunderbird driven in the movie Thelma and Louise sold at auction for $71,500 and had signatures of Brad Pitt and Geena Davis on the seat and sun visor.

Burt Reynold’s Pontiac Trans Am driven in Smokey and The Bandit yielded $450,000 at auction and the 1987 Chevrolet G20 Van used in the A-Team sold for $18,052. Starsky’s Ford Gran Torino from Starsky & Hutch the movie went for $40,000 at auction. The beautiful 2000 Buick Blackhawk driven by Will Smith in Bad Boys II was sold for $520,000 at an auction in 2009.

The list of iconic vehicles sold at auction goes on and on. It just goes to show one thing, people love movies and they love cars. They especially love the cars in movies and if you have the means, anything is for sale. Yes, even you, could one day own a collectible vehicle if the price is right and you have the winning bid at auction. So keep your eyes peeled for the next big deal in iconic car auctions.

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