2015 Mitsubishi Outlander White

Mitsubishi vehicles aren’t as well-known as other Japanese cars, but they’ve certainly amassed a cross-section of very loyal fans. Over the years, they’ve produced some very popular models of reliable and attractive cars, and have continued to slowly, but surely, gain popularity in the United States. While they don’t have the lineup of other manufacturers, the handful of cars they produce on a yearly basis has an impressive fan base.

Mitsubishi has been on the automotive scene since their launch in Japan in 1917, when they developed the Mitsubishi model A. Their vehicle was quite expensive when compared to what the United States was producing in terms of vehicles, and eventually they left the automotive game, to return post WWII. During this time period, they produced smaller vehicles like scooters, and large scale vehicles like buses. At this point, the company was divided into three smaller conglomerates that all specialized in the production of vehicles.

Over the decades, Mitsubishi has formed partnerships with quite a few foreign automakers, such as automotive giant Chrysler. The economic downturn had quite an effect on Mitsubishi, and their company went through many different changes of hand. Eventually Mitsubishi Motors fell back into Japanese control, and continued to produce their own line of automobiles.

The Outlander, an SUV made by Mitsubishi, was introduced in Japan in the early years of the new millennium. It possessed a different name, but by 2005, all auto markets were calling it the Outlander. While demand was high for Mitsubishi’s smaller cars like the Lancer and the Galant, the Outlander remained somewhat less popular than the rest of its competition. Fast forward to 2015, when Mitsubishi’s redesigned Outlander came out onto the field swinging for the fences, and adopting a new family friendly approach to marketing.

The SUV market is already flooded with options, but the Outlander offers the potential for a safe, roomy, and family oriented vehicle without the gigantic price tag that often accompanies these models. Coming in around $23000 for the base model, the Outlander pulls ahead by dropping the price considerably in comparison to others in its class.   The base model also boasts incredible technological advances typically offered in higher trim level vehicles.

The list of standard features is comprised of a number of impressive and highly sought after vehicle must-haves. Features such as hill assist, braking assistance, and speed sensitive windshield wipers are typically added options or are only available on higher trim levels with other manufacturers, but Mitsubishi has made them part of every Outlander, whether you’re splurging or going for the most economical option.

Offering a 10 year or 100,000 mile warranty has rocketed Mitsubishi to the head of the pack in terms of backing their vehicles with gusto. Very few other manufacturers offer such a fantastic guarantee, and in a time when money is still tight and car repairs are expensive, it offers peace of mind to those who are ready to sign up for the benefit of a brand new car. It signifies a belief in their cars and a commitment to serving their customers for a long time.

Many drivers would look at the price tag and the list of standard features and think there must be some kind of catch, but that just isn’t so with the Outlander. They didn’t skimp on any parts of the design, the power, and certainly not on the safety features. With seven standard airbags, RISE construction, and stability control, the Outlander is sure to keep the most important cargo, your family, safe when traveling from home and back. Also offering lane departure warnings and collision mitigation, Mitsubishi has stacked the deck in their favor when it comes to available options.

They offer two engine sizes, both offering incredible MPG, two different transmission selections that provide the sure-fire shifting of a manual but the ease of use usually attributed to an automatic. When considering the price point of this vehicle and the several trim levels offered, most car buyers would be surprised to find that the Outlander also possesses third-row seating. Value and substance are clearly a large part of the design of this vehicle.

An impressive array of technology features are also included within the Outlander’s design. Offering a 6” display that includes a backup camera, an additional navigation system, and HD radio, Mitsubishi has shown that they’re big on the added features. The option of the navigation system to your Outlander will provide drivers with local traffic information, gas prices, and construction delays at the touch of a button; a certain added convenience for travelers.

In our world, we believe that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. In most cases, that is a true statement, but in the case of the new 2015 redesigned Mitsubishi Outlander, this is not the case. With the Outlander, there is never too much of a good thing.

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