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GM was the first to make it widespread to offer the Wi-Fi connectivity in your vehicle through the advanced OnStar system and now they plan to take this even farther. Sometime in the early part of next year GM will add the Watson artificial intelligence platform to OnStar and create what will be called OnStar Go. This addition is meant to learn your habits and your lifestyle in order to help offer suggestions to you and even possibly remind you of things you need to do or pickup on your way home from or to work each day.

At first, the OnStar Go system won’t be able to do much for you because it has to learn what your habits are and what you need. Eventually it will learn how to help you keep your schedule. You can tell Watson that you need to be reminded of something at a specific time of day or be told to pick up a grocery list on your way home for the day or even be reminded of the schedule for your kids. This could make OnStar Go the assistant you need, which we all can use with our busy lives, to help you manage your life.

As Watson learns more about you, this system is designed to eventually be able to place your order for food or drink before you ever make it to the restaurant to pick up your daily dose of coffee or the lunch you need to get in a rush. This system is eventually supposed to be able to give you suggestions on restaurants and hotels as you enter different areas, which can make this a great way to enjoy the ride if you happen to be someone who is on the road a lot for your work.

GM expects to use OnStar Go to attract more businesses to participate in the platform, which could put their services ahead of others in the suggestions. If we break that down the system could be programmed to give you a suggestion to stop at a particular location every single time you pass by it. That could get old really fast. Imagine if your daily commute takes you past a participating hotel, restaurant, gas station or retail store, that’s at least four reminders you’ll receive from Watson of suggestions for you that just might make you begin to hate this system.

Hopefully, GM will be able to balance out what OnStar Go offers and what they will add to the platform to make it so you have full control of what this system tells you and suggests. It’s nice to have reminders of events and needs along the way and to even be able to order what you want, but most of us don’t need a bunch of pushy commercials distracting and frustrating us from the system we thought was built to aid us in our daily lives. I guess we’ll see how Watson and OnStar Go develop over the next several months and years, but this addition is a great way to make use of artificial intelligence to help us keep our lives on track.

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