11.04.16 - Dodge Durango Shaker

The SEMA show comes around every year and gives automakers a chance to show off what they’ve worked on either on their own or with outfitters who have made parts that will bolt onto their vehicles. FCA brought out the new Dodge Durango Shaker and let us take a look at how FCA is able to combine some of the best parts of their brands in order to come up with something that will be great for us if we were to ever get one of these glorious vehicles out on the road.

This Durango showed up in a gorgeous B5 Blue with matte black graphics and looked a lot different than any Durango we’ve seen in the past. There was something different about this SUV but it took a second glance to figure out it was right up front. The Durango usually sports a crosshair grill and this one offered the same open grill design that is found on the Charger SRT and this look makes this Durango look meaner and ready to roll, making it easy for us to decide we need to look even farther into the vehicle to see what else it had to offer.

The hood is another place that looks a lot different and that is easily because of the shaker hood that comes from the Challenger and the combination of looks form the Charger SRT 392. Now that we’ve looked at the outside, going to the inside of the car gives us a seriously sporty feel of the Dodge Viper with three rows of sport seats and a gorgeous flat-bottom steering wheel. The blue paint color is carried over to the inside with accents that are finished to match the outside and give us something excellent to admire.

Under the skin the Dodge Durango Shaker is basically a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and is powered by a 6.4-liter Hemi engine that uses a cold air intake and custom exhaust system This SUV also uses six-piston brakes to help give the SUV a great amount of control on the road. FCA used a custom suspension kit which brings the Durango lower by three inches while giving it an aggressive stance for you to enjoy the ride. This is truly the combination of everything we love about the FCA models such as the Challenger, Charger, Durango and Grand Cherokee.

This is an SUV that we need to have on the market right away, but it probably won’t be made into mass production making it an expensive option, but if FCA is able to put together a Durango that has all these parts, even the Viper sport seats, this is one of the most impressive vehicles that will be made and one that will have a long line of people who want to buy the Dodge Durango Shaker. The only thing I want to know is where I can buy this SUV; it seems like the perfect ride for what I want to do on the road.

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