GM Says It’s Time To “Feel The Usedphoria"

Not everyone is excited about GM’s new campaign to help push used cars for sale, but drivers are definitely interested in the pre-owned market. GM recently applied for a trademark for the phrase “Feel The Usedphoria.” This play on the word “euphoria” is meant to encourage people to consider exploring used cars for sale. It’s not clear if this trademark is part of a big marketing campaign or if it will play some kind of role in the background.

Regardless of how GM decides to use the “Usedphoria” trademark, used cars are all the hype right now. In some cases, they’re the only reliable options available at your local used car dealership.

Not Enough Chips

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly caused some issues with the global marketplace. Just like every other industry, the auto manufacturing world ran into some twists and turns over the last couple of years. The primary issue has been a shortage of highly needed semiconductor computer chips.

When the pandemic hit, many automakers canceled their orders from the few places that make these semiconductors. The goal was not to get stuck with parts that couldn’t be put to use. When the economy started to pick back up, manufacturers scrambled to get their orders restored.

Unfortunately, these computer chips aren’t just used in new cars. Computers, cell phones, video games, and other devices use these same chips. Demand for these products went up during the beginning of the pandemic. There weren’t anywhere near enough for the sudden need for automobiles. Throw in a fire at one of the manufacturing plants that make these computer chips and a slow-down on the global supply chain, and you end up with automakers not getting the parts they need to get new cars on the road.

Supply and Demand for GM

Anyone who has even heard of economics knows that supply and demand practically control the market. The demand for cars went up as people moved away from the city and avoided public transportation. The supply of new cars was dwindled down to almost nothing.

Shoppers who still wanted to pick up a fresh set of wheels started looking at used cars for sale to meet their needs. Auto dealers went to great lengths to buy used cars to keep their lots full of available options. For drivers looking to unload their used car, it was a great time to get top dollar. The demand continued to grow, and used car dealers did what they could to build a reliable supply.

Going Back to (Somewhat) Normal

While the computer ship shortage isn’t over, most auto manufacturers are getting new vehicles off the assembly line. Drivers who only want a brand new ride can get one, even if they have to wait. They may also have to forego some of their favorite features that require these semiconductors, like heated seats.

Now that patient shoppers can grab new cars; auto dealers find that they have quite the selection of used cars for sale. GM isn’t the only brand hoping drivers will find euphoria in shopping for pre-owned vehicles. Every dealer and manufacturer across the country is encouraging used cars.

A GM Used Car Might Be Right For You

There are endless benefits to buying a used car. Not only are they priced at a fraction of a new model, but they reduce your insurance, tax, and other costs as well. You can also read tons of reviews and demos of available vehicles to understand all of the pros and cons. New vehicles typically don’t have enough miles on their tires to know much about how long they’ll last.

The best part about the current market is that shoppers can typically find a pretty amazing deal. As new cars become more available, it might be more difficult to sell all of those used options everyone has been collecting. That means you can shop by your local dealership and find a slew of available used cars for sale at super impressive prices.

Even if GM didn’t come up with the catchiest slogan, it’s certainly on the right path. Maybe it is time to “feel the Usedphoria.”


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