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03.20.17 - Pikes Peak

In order to get the word out and make us realize a new EV company is coming into the game Faraday Future will challenge the current leader of the EV market at a race in the location we enjoy every year. While Faraday has been one of the most challenged automakers in the world for the last couple years because of a variety of issues, this new challenge could be perfect for the brand to make its way toward the headlines and become more of a serious contender when it comes to the high end EV vehicles that are driven on the road.

This new race is going to take place between Faraday Future and Tesla in order to see the way the two companies can compete with each other. This race will take place at Pikes Peak as the two take it to the Exhibition Class. This race is one that allows only one car on the track at a time with the goal to be capable of turning out the fastest track time at this lauded racing track where many other models have raced in the past and given us something impressive to enjoy.

Faraday Future will race their new high-tech luxury EV FF91 while Tesla will race the Model S P100D that you can expect to have the Ludicrous + mode ready to roll. These two high end luxury EV models can make a huge impact on the world and let us see what these two offer when we want to think of the best performing EV models on the market today. This is a great way for Faraday Future to have a distraction from the financial, legal and internal issues they’ve had over the past couple years which have kept them from becoming a well-known company.

The driver of the FF91 will be Robin Shute, a Pro Mazda driver and Triple Crown winner of the 2016 Formula Car Challenge. The Tesla will be driven by Daijiro Yoshihara who is the winner of the 2011 Formula Drift Championship, certainly a skill that’s valuable at Pikes Peak. These two drivers will take on the course and see which one will come out on top. Either way, as long as the FF91 has a respectable showing at this race the Faraday Future brand will gain some notoriety and become one of the brands that we get to know better.

These won’t be the only two EV models that take to the track in July. There will be the Drive eO PP03 which is driven by Rhys Millen, the Tajima Motor E-Runner will be piloted by Nobuhiro Tajima, the Go Puck Tesla will be driven by Blake Fuller and there will also be a selection of EV motorcycles that test their wares at this track as well. This will be an even that’s worthy of the livestream time you could spend if you can’t get out to this event and see the racing in person. This should certainly be an amazing race to enjoy watching and witnessing however you can.

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