03.24.17 - Toyota C-HR

03.24.17 - Toyota C-HR

As we saw the Scion brand make its way to a demise last year some of the models that had been part of the Scion name have been rebadged under the parent company of Toyota and are now being presented with new names. The FR-S has been renamed the Toyota 86 and the iA has become part of the Yaris group and the iM has become a Corolla hatchback. The SUV that was being worked on for Scion is the C-HR which is now being offered under the Toyota name as the compact SUV from this brand.

As the subcompact mode that will fit in under the RAV4 the C-HR will make its way to the market for the 2018 model year and be a vehicle that we can enjoy in this class. It’s a bit surprising that Toyota didn’t have a vehicle already competing against the rest in this category but now with the deletion of Scion and the availability of the C-HR, Toyota can enter the competition in what has become a highly competitive segment. This new SUV appears to be fun to drive with the build we want to enjoy and the looks that make it impressive.

Looking at some of the numbers for the C-HR, we’ll see a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine under the hood that is attached to a CVT automatic transmission. This powertrain will give us 144 horsepower and 139 lb.-ft. of torque for the power we want. Because this little SUV is so small it won’t need to have more power than this at all and will feel great as you drive. Another benefit will be the fuel mileage of 27 city/31 hwy mpg and the starting price for the models sold in the US of close to $22,500 for the base model.

From the front of the new C-HR the look is of the same as the larger RAV4 but on a smaller scale. Once you get past the front end the C-HR does distinguish itself compared to the large SUV. This familiar front face will give you a look you already know and love while the move toward the rear offers a sporty style and impressive shape to make it easy to enjoy what this SUV has to offer you when it comes to the look and feel of the SUV that you can enjoy on the road and when its sitting in your driveway.

On the inside the C-HR offers you a cabin that has room for five people to fit comfortably and not feel cramped at all. The front row of seats gives you 43.5 inches of legroom while the rear seat gives you 31.7 inches of space that is plenty of room to enjoy. There is a full 19 cu-ft of cargo space in the back of this vehicle that expands when the seats are folded down. The opening in the rear offers you the accommodations you need for larger items to be put in the back easily.

Because this is a smaller SUV it’s perfectly comfortable and acceptable that this SUV is built with some of the architecture that’s offered in the Prius and the Camry. There is good rigidity and a lower center of gravity to make it easy to drive this SUV and enjoy the ride. This blend between an SUV and a compact sedan are what make this a vehicle that can be perfect for you to enjoy the ride and have the vehicle that will perform the way you want it to. With this build, the C-HR will be a lot of fun on the road and hopefully have some ability on the trails as well.

This may be sold as a subcompact crossover SUV, but if you think of it as a large hatchback with a higher ride position, you’ll love everything about the new 2018 Toyota C-HR. This vehicle is comfortable with you taking it to the beach or taking on the twisting and winding curves of the roads in your area while you enjoy the active safety features offered. Hopefully future models will include and AWD option, but for now, this is a great way for Toyota to enter this class of vehicle and give us a great way to drive.

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