The Pagani Huayra R Is the Ultimate Poster Car

What makes the Pagani Huayra R the car that you want to have on a poster in your garage as the dream car you would love to drive?

Is it the fact that this car is a sleek and sporty supercar?  Is it the fact that you will likely only see this car in photos and videos because only 30 are being made? Is it because of the boutique name of the brand?

The simple answer is “yes” to all of the above. The Huayra R is a car that’s truly worthy of being on a poster in your garage, which is likely the closest you’re ever going to get to this car.

A Little About the Brand History

For the past thirty years, Pagani has operated as a high-end boutique automaker of supercars. There have been only two models this company has produced, the Zonda and the Huayra. Even though only two models have been offered, the Pagani team continues to tweak and change them to give us variations of these two supercars that can head to the track or be part of a high-priced car collection. These cars are built in small numbers to maintain their exclusivity.

The First Conversation

Anytime we talk about the power of a supercar, we have to talk about what makes them go. The Zonda gives you a naturally aspirated V12, but the new Pagani Huayra normally features a twin-turbocharged model. That will change with the Huayra R, which will have a naturally-aspirated version. This will allow the engine to be a 6.0-liter monster that could reach more than 900 horsepower. That’s a lot of power for a lightweight car, and this car is certainly going to hit some fast speeds when it’s rocketing around a track where it can truly show off its capabilities.

Where Did the Engine Come From?

Normally, the source of an engine would be nothing more than an afterthought, but with this car, we have a story to tell. The 6.0-liter V12 engine used to power the Pagani Huayra R comes from HWA AG, which is the racing subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz. Normally, Pagani does get its engines from Mercedes, but for this car, something a little special was needed.

The result is a bespoke engine that makes the power needed to rocket this car around a brutal track with lightning speed. As an engine that doesn’t use any unnatural aids, this car can give off an incredible exhaust sound, which feels like it’s been missing from the supercar world.

When listening to this car rip off a fast lap, you might notice that it sounds a lot like the Formula 1 cars that were used many decades ago. This car features an Inconel exhaust system that was made just for this car. The exhaust pipes for each cylinder are exactly the same length, giving off an amazing sound when it’s heading around the track. This supercar does have to use mufflers to keep that exhaust note down at the 110-decibel FIA sound limit for noise-restricted tracks, which makes us think this car could be even louder.

Compared to Other Models

Compared to the other Huayra models, the R version will be the most powerful version offered. The original model reached 720 horsepower, the BC was capable of 789 ponies, and the Imola pushed that number to 827. Now we’re going to see the Pagani Huayra R that could run past that 900 number and make this car one of the fastest and most powerful ever made from this brand.

For those looking to hang a poster on the wall of the naturally aspirated cars they love, the Huayra R can join the flock and might become the centerpiece of what you see in your garage.

What is the Huayra R?

You won’t see this new Pagani driving around on the road, it’s not made for that. This new car is a track-day car with an aggressive body kit, integrated roll cage, and motorsport-style dashboard to give you the look that is amazing to see. The car is low-slung, superbly aerodynamic, and fast as hell. You can’t look at this car and think it’s meant for anything but the track. That being said, it’s one of the most beautiful machines you’re going to see in photos and in videos.

The Pagani team used more lightweight components to build the Huayra R than any other model thus far. This allows the car to weigh in at nearly 2,400 pounds to be one of the lightest and fastest cars in the world. Each model will cost more than $2 million to the lucky thirty people that will be able to purchase them.

An Interesting Build

The new Pagani Huayra R is built around a new carbon-titanium monocoque chassis. This system uses the engine and transmission as integral parts of the car to increase the stiffness needed to stick to the tarmac on a track. The power from the engine is sent to the rear wheels via the six-speed non-synchronized dog-ring sequential transmission. To keep this car stuck to the ground, a pair of active aero flaps are used to push this car down and allow a driver to push this car hard around the track.

The Huayra R is capable of 2,204 pounds of downforce at 199 mph, giving some serious control to anyone willing to try and harness the glorious speed and power of this car.

Let this Pagani Have a Special Place On Your Wall

With only thirty models of the Huayra R being made, very few people will ever see these cars in person, and fewer will own them. That doesn’t prevent you from having a poster of a car that’s perfectly built to offer incredible speed and power from a naturally-aspirated V12 engine. If you’re a fan of pure, honest horsepower, you’ll be proud to put this car on your wall next to some of the classic muscle cars that gave us large engines and true power in the heyday of muscle cars.

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