Subaru Ascent Concept Becomes a Production Model

Subaru Ascent Concept Becomes a Production Model

We recently got a view of what the next Subaru model will be for the drive that makes a huge difference for you to have the drive you want on the roads you’ll travel. This new model will be the Subaru Ascent which was shown off at a show earlier this year as the new three-row crossover SUV that will come from this brand that gives you the ability to have the drive you want with your family. The brand that’s made AWD an important part of what they offer on every vehicle except for one can be the right choice for you.

The new Subaru Ascent is expected to be offered for the 2019 model year and it will make its full reveal when we see it at the LA Auto Show at the end of the month. This SUV will allow Subaru to reenter the three-row SUV market and give us a new rugged model that has the drive and the features we want for the time that will be experienced on the roads and trails in our area. We do have to wait for this model to make its debut, but we know a bit about what it will offer.

A few of the Details

As you would expect, the Ascent will be powered by a boxer engine, but this one will be all-new to be large enough to handle the size of the vehicle that is ready to be the successor to the B9 Tribeca we’ve loved in the past. The length of this SUV is one that will offer us the room we need and the size that makes sense. The length is 198.8 inches from bumper to bumper to make the new Ascent about the same length as the Ford Explorer.

If you’re looking for the difference in the wheelbase, the Ascent is four inches longer than the Explorer between the wheels to make sure you have the size you need for you and your passengers. This difference in size allows the Ascent to have shorter overhangs in the front and the rear to ensure you have a vehicle that can get out on the trails to offer you the outdoor fun you’re looking for. As a brand that’s been used for fun and active driving for many years, Subaru is stepping up the game with this sizable model that’s right for you.

Before the concept came to the show tour the production model of the Ascent was seen testing on the tracks that Subaru loves to offer us for their own way of learning more about the vehicles they are ready to offer for the drive. We’ll get the full view and report of what this SUV will be in LA later this month and it’s expected to make it to the dealerships in North America in the early part of 2018 to be a vehicle that can give us the ride, the control, and the qualities we need in a three-row SUV from Subaru.


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