05.25.17 - Kid Driving Car

05.25.17 - Kid Driving Car

If you’re a short person or you know someone who is, the challenge of being able to touch the floor in a vehicle or in a chair can be difficult. You need a car that allows you to reach everything without the use of a phone book (does anyone actually still have one of these) in the seat or blocks on the pedals. Thankfully, we have a list of cars that are perfect for those who are short and need a place to drive from that doesn’t put them too close to the airbag while making it possible to reach all the controls.

Acura RLX – This is a car that offers you enough adjustments to get where you need to be inside the car and have a comfortable drive. This is an excellent car to drive when you want some impressive luxury to enjoy as well. You’ll admire the V6 engine and the spacious cabin, but mostly the fact that you can reach everything.

BMW 7 Series – Hold on, isn’t this a large flagship sedan? Yes it is , but it has the space you need and the adjustments that make it possible for you to reach the control elements of the car without the use of foreign objects. As one of the most impressive luxury cars on the road, you’ll want to drive this car and enjoy the fact it fits you and your short stature.

Honda Accord – This one shouldn’t be too surprising. The Accord makes it easy for drivers of every size and height to fit inside and it comes to you at an extremely reasonable price. Let the Accord be the right car for you and you’ll have years of driving with excellent fuel mileage and the benefit of the right place for you.

Honda Odyssey – Most of the minivans you’ll see should fit you as a short person, but the Odyssey is one that offers you everything you want. The upright driving position offered in a minivan makes it possible for you to enjoy the drive and feel as if you’re up higher than you would be in an small car on the road.

Lexus EX – This is the entry level car from Lexus which spells out a smaller space for you to enjoy the ride as a shorter driver. As a Lexus you’ll easily fall in love with the ride quality and the performance of this car when you get behind the wheel. The standard V6 power gives you a dynamic ride while you enjoy the fun and function from a space built for you.

Lexus LS – As a larger and more luxurious sedan the LS is perfect for you even though you’re shorter in stature than most other drivers on the road. This vehicle uses a powerful V8 engine under the hood to give you 386 horsepower to have what you need when you’re rolling down the road in the car that’s large, in charge and built to fit you.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class –There are a lot of luxury models on this list and the S-Class certainly fits that bill. Here is another flagship model that has thought about the shorter drivers on the road to make sure you have a place where you can love the power and the space of this amazing car. This is car that will impress you with its looks on a daily basis.

Subaru Forester – This compact SUV puts you in a vertical driving position and makes it easier for you to see out the front and sides than you might expect. This is a small SUV with the big personality that can handle the enjoyment you want of hauling your family wherever you need to go on the road.

Subaru Outback – If you’ve admired the Outback and wondered if you would fit, check it out. This is a crossover SUV that is more like a wagon that’s lifted up. You’ll enjoy the features of this vehicle and the impressive way it can take you into the wilderness or up to the cabin by the lake for a weekend of fun in the sun.

Volvo XC90 – Now we finish off this list with another luxury vehicle and it’s the large and impressive seven-passenger Volvo XC90 that has the right seating position for you to be comfortable, even though you are considered a short driver. Let this beauty be the right vehicle for you and see what kind of fun you can find in this highly capable brute.

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