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What do you do when you find a bump, scuff, scratch, or dent in your vehicle? Do you have this taken care of by a professional detailer or do you allow the imperfection to continue to be part of your vehicle while you drive? For most of us, the answer to this question is that we will live with the blemish on our vehicle and allow it to live on as part of the vehicle that you drive on a daily basis. Most of us aren’t overly concerned with surface issues.Of course, if you happen to be someone that chooses to purchase a vehicle that you want to take to shows and let others see, you want that vehicle to be perfect in every way.If this model happens to be one of the most valuable cars in the world, there will be a need to have it prepped and made ready for the show that will allow others to take a look at it and admire its perfection. If you find a blemish on this high-priced vehicle that’s meant to be the belle of the ball, you need to turn to the professionals to make it right.

Entering Larry Kosilla

Larry Kosilla is one of the most trusted and experienced automotive detailers in the entire world. his attention to detail and unparalleled desire to make vehicles perfect is why he’s trusted around the world in order to make some of the most valuable vehicles look better than showroom new when they head to the concourse presentations they will take part in. The care he puts into his work and professionalism is why he is the man that gets the call when it’s time to dress up these beauties for a parade at some of the most elegant shows around the world.In order to express the care and desire, he has to fix and repair any blemish on a vehicle, we weren’t going to be able to have a high-priced and limited model dented or dinged for him to fix. Instead, Larry found a dent in the bumper of his own Ford Edge which means he needs to take care of this problem to have the vehicle made right. It wouldn’t look good for a detailing professional to have a vehicle that has any imperfection in it. The scuff is in a difficult location on the seam which makes it harder to fix than in other areas. There are two options for Larry, body colored decals or the traditional bondo and touch-up paint. This is the method that will last longer and look right, but it takes what could have been a three-minute job and turns it into one that will take as much as seven hours to complete. You can see Larry fix his Ford Edge in the video below and admire the amount of time and effort he puts into the repair of the scuff on the bumper of his vehicle.

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