More time to get things done for Mazda

More time to get things done for Mazda

For the next several years, we expect to see a wide variety of new vehicle offerings that will come to the market in order to show the impressive used of technology that’s being developed. What technology is being worked on? Cars are being electrified, vehicles are adding more dynamic safety features and we’re seeing autonomous technology being developed. While it feels like we are still years away from having cars that drive themselves on the roads without any form of human controls that can be enjoyed, we aren’t as far from the electrification of the powertrains or the addition of safety technology.

One of the brands that we admire and enjoy on a regular basis is Mazda. As a brand that offers us affordable models that have been easy to enjoy because of the use of the SkyActiv technology that’s become part of the lineup we’ve been waiting for the new RX sports car model that will be offered from this brand, but it seems as though Mazda may have a different idea in mind of what we’re going to be able to drive and enjoy on the roads in the future.

The Mazda Goals

The strategy from the Mazda brand, while they will offer us a new sports car sometime in the near future, is to offer even more of what we’re looking for from the technological advancements that make a lot of sense. Other brands have given timelines that are expected to be met in the next couple of years (Ford stated they would have a vehicle on the road without pedals or a steering wheel by 2021) but Mazda is taking a more conservative approach to this challenge in order to make sure they have the time and effort needed to ensure the implementation of these necessary changes in the right way.
The goal Mazda has put forth is to have all of their models that are on the road offered as a hybrid or electric model starting in 2035. This goal aligns well with the fact that some countries have already stated they will no longer allow the sale of vehicles that aren’t hybrid or electric models like the Mazda CX-9 or CX-5 starting in the year 2040. Being five years ahead of this mark could make Mazda the choice of many drivers by the year 2035 because of the upcoming need to have models that are hybrid or electric only.

Looking to the Future

Right now, Mazda is also setting goals to bring for some form of autonomous technology by the year 2020 while the rest will be offered by 2025. This brand is diligently heading into the future in order to bring about the changes we’re going to see and need on the roads around us. Will we have fully autonomous Mazda models by 2025? That’s still uncertain, but with the regulations surrounding emissions, we will see nothing but hybrids and electric models from this brand starting in 2035 which is setting the bar where it needs to be for other brands to follow as well.

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