Over the past several years, Mazda has made a habit of finding a way to do things differently than the other Japanese automakers. In fact, Mazda has done things differently than most automakers on the market and has created models that are exciting and attractive while also practical and efficient for the driving experience we want to have. With this in mind, one of the most impressive and exciting models offered on the market is the Mazda6. This is the midsize sedan that can be right for you and your family while offering you the drive you’re looking for.

As you consider the Mazda6 as the car you want to drive, you’re going to find a car that’s powered by a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 184 horsepower and 185 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission to make sure you can have the drive you want from the SkyActiv technology that Mazda loves to offer. This car is able to offer you up to 35 mpg on the highway to make sure you can have an efficient vehicle that’s also affordable when you want to experience the drive you need.
When you want a car that gives you plenty of style without going over the tip, you will love the look of the Mazda6. The Kodo design language is present to make sure you can have the ride style you’re searching for and the sophistication you want. The flow of the style from the front to the rear of this car makes it one that you’re sure to admire and want to drive on a daily basis. This is a car that’s smooth and elegant while also being one of the choices you can easily afford when you’re ready to get out on the roads.

The Driving Experience with Mazda6

What does it mean to have an engaged suspension and steering setup mated to a SkyActiv engine? It means you’re going to be able to get out into traffic quickly and carve up the curves with ease. The Mazda6 feels sporty with its G-Vectoring Control system that allows the car to shift the weight between the front wheels to make sure the wheels that need the most grip have it on the turns. This system allows you the confidence you need when you take a turn at speeds that other cars won’t be able to handle.
When you get into the cabin of the Mazda6 you’re going to see a plethora of safety features that can aid you in the drive you need to make so that you can handle the ride. There are settings for the blind spot monitoring system, rear cross traffic alerts, automatic adaptive headlights, a color Head-Up Display with traffic information, and adaptive cruise control. You’re going to love the look and the feel of this car when you take a look at the materials uses for the drive that makes this the car that has the ride and the items that will make you comfortable.

As you explore some of the higher trim levels that you can choose for the Mazda6, you’re going to see that you can add chrome finished controls, special stitching, two-tone Nappa leather upholstery, and upgraded electronics for the drive. There is plenty of cargo and passenger space to make this a car that’s easier for you to have the look and the feel you want when you get out on the road with your family and the stuff they need to take along with them for the drive.

Is This the Car for You?

If you’re looking for a car that offers you an excellent look and feel on the road for the drive you want to enjoy, the Mazda6 is an excellent choice. This car is certainly a work of art and one that makes your ride smoother and more impressive on a regular basis. The drive is smooth and active and the interior is one that is attractive and filled with upscale features to offer you the drive you want. Check out this amazing sedan at your nearby Mazda dealer today and take it for a test drive to see what it has to offer you.

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