2016 Chevy Camaro Rear

The Camaro has long been a pony car that many love to buy and makes for a great sports car that can be driven daily.  With the new 2016 model just around the corner, there are some items from the 2015 model that hopefully will have been addressed to create a much better overall driving experience.  Understandably the Camaro has never been a car that was advertised as being a comfortable ride with sport and performance as its main components, but some of the items that need to be changed for the new version have to do with the performance, others simply have to do with improving the overall driving experience in the car.

The first thing to understand is the Z/28 is a high powered sports model with a massively strong 500 horsepower V8 engine that can sound amazing on the road, but needs an exhaust mode control to really scream and growl.  The omission of this feature is surprising because Chevrolet does offer it on the Corvette, so why not the Z/28?  Of course the exhaust valves can be opened manually by unplugging a fuse, but a switch needs to be installed up front so we can all enjoy the awesome sounds this beast can roar but also allow it to be quieter for those times when you arrive home late or have to leave early in the morning; no reason to anger the neighbors.

The skip shift feature is one that is actually really cool on lower model Camaros to help them avoid the gas guzzler tax, but since the Z/28 is slapped with it this needs to be removed from the car.  For those who live in highly congested areas the idea of accelerating enough to avoid the skip shift is not an option.  This shifting takes you from first to fourth to help save fuel, but with a manual transmission the control is best left to the manual operator.

Next is the need to upgrade the creature comforts.  The first part that needs a serious upgrade is the radio and the fact there is not a USB port to charge a phone.  Its 2015 and you have to buy a portable charger to plug in to the cigarette lighter adapter in order to charge your phone, that’s a lot outdated.  the other creature comfort that needs a revamp is the trunk.  The fact the carpet was removed is only a small weight savings and either the carpet needs to be put back in or some grip tape should be installed, which would probably add the weight back, but when you put stuff in the trunk it shouldn’t have to slam into bare metal, especially if the items are groceries that will leave an awful smell in the car.

Even though these are some small items to be addressed, my hope is the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro will offer you an upgrade in all of these areas to give you a Z/28 that is fantastic to drive and has the updated and upgraded modern comforts you need in order to have a great driving experience and a lot of fun in your new favorite sports car.

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