Four-Door Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 has been the signature of sports car glory for many generations and several decades.  This model has undertaken simple upgrades over the years to continue to impress and delight fans everywhere with the style, grace and speed that can come from one of these amazing small sports cars.  The 911 has also always been known to be one of the very best handling cars on the road or at the track.  the only real drawback, as with many other sports cars, especially those in roadster versions, has been the small size and lack of more than two seats.

Even though Porsche itself has never made a 911 that offered room for the whole family there was one documented and lauded instance of a 911 that was built to be a great family sedan.  Maybe those two thoughts don’t belong in the same sentence, but in 1967, Dick Troutman and Tom Barnes took a 911S and stretched it for Mrs. Troutman so she could have one of the best performing cars on the road but in a size that she could use to carry the kids and groceries or perform any of the many duties required of a parents in a family.

In order to make this change happen, the car was carefully cut in half and stretched 21 inches at both the wheelbase and overall length.  This additional length allowed for the implementation of a rear pair of seats, a cargo area behind these seats, and a second set of doors.  In order to give the car a finished and smooth look the guys recreated the roof panel and used doors that were hinged on the rear which matched up perfectly with the original pair of doors already in place on this little sports car.

With this stretch, the gents had a full interior built and redone in order to give a complete look of a car that might have come off the production line in Germany, but instead were made and fabricated in several different locations.  They even installed power windows in the rear doors which were powered by motors from a sunroof of other 911 models.  Wood was added to the floor to match the dashboard and additional speakers were put in the rear in order to provide a bit more entertainment for those relegated to the back two seats.

Before the misses could take ownership of this car, Dick had a plan for it which was to show off the car publicly and let Porsche see what was possible with a 911 should they choose to begin to manufacture four-door 911s themselves.  This car was then featured in Road & Track magazine, which had to sit on the story for a few months because it was to be the Christmas gift for Mrs. Troutman.  No doubt she had a great time for several years driving a one of a kind Porsche 911 that had been made with her needs in mind and carefully crafted by her husband.  As for the answer from Porsche, we still haven’t seen that four-door 911, but Porsche has finally begun to get into larger vehicles, giving us an even better lineup than ever before.

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