The 2015 BMW M235i xDrive is certainly one of the most engaging and sporty luxury coupes from BMW.  Amazingly this little Beemer comes with AWD which is the xDrive for BMW but when you look at the entire lineup you can see that BMW has put the xDrive on nearly every vehicle in the BMW lineup.  This is thanks to the increase in sales of Crossover SUV and the fact that families now have at least one vehicle with AWD aboard and some even refuse to buy a car without it.  This means the smallest car in the BMW lineup needs to have the AWD aboard as one of its options.

By adding AWD to the M235i the weight of the car is actually increased.  In a time where we are trying to head toward lighter vehicle, this is a compromise for this great little car.  The weight is increased by 128 pounds overall and since this is a lightweight car the increase in percentage is greater than in other vehicles.  The price also is increased by $1,800 on this car by adding the xDrive.  Even though these are compromises, they are certainly ones that should and must be made when you choose this car.

Other differences are in the acceleration of this version of the BMW.  The xDrive model is only two-tenths of a second slower to sixty mph than the RWD version and more than a second when accelerating to 100 mph.  The braking is also a bit longer by six feet from seventy mph due to the added weight of the car.

Even with these changes and stats that are behind the RWD version, the road hold and drive of the xDrive is much better than the RWD model by a lot.  All BMW models are built to be awesome to drive with exceptional suspension control, great balance, and awesome steering.  Adding the xDrive truly does enhance each and every part of the performance of this gorgeous little two-door coupe to allow it to be a great performer on any road.  Whether you need the xDrive for the added benefit of the climate you live in or you want to head out on a country road and find a great canyon run or mountain pass to enjoy the views and take on the drive that is engaging and dynamic.

All BMW M235i xDrive models are filled with some great features for you to enjoy.  Starting out at just under $45,000 the M235i can easily reach up to over $51,000 with upgraded pain, leather upholstery, a driver assistance package which includes a rearview camera and parking sensors, a Technology package with navigation and real time traffic and a host of other luxury features which make for a fantastic little driving coupe.  If you want an awesome ride in a luxury coupe that is made to handle any road under basically any conditions the BMW M235i xDrive can be the best choice you have made in a long time for your choice for daily driver.

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