You want to spend less on an affordable vehicle than what’s required with new model prices, but you don’t want to take a chance on a vehicle that might not work for very long. The right way to have the drive you’re looking for and enjoy the qualities that make sense is to choose a used Toyota model to drive. Visit your nearby Toyota dealership and ask about the models that have the qualities you’re looking for and the price that will fit into your budget. Take the test drive that will convince you that you’ve found the right model to drive today.

A Few Affordable Used Toyota models to Choose From

Here are just a few of the affordable used Toyota vehicles that could be right for you:

2016 Toyota Highlander Limited

Here’s a full-size SUV that has the features at the top trim level to give you the package of items that you want. Take this used Toyota Highlander for a drive and see how easy it is to make this SUV the one that will be right for you to drive every day. This is a certified model, which means you have the benefits of an extended warranty for your drive.

2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid XLE Premium

If you’re looking for a large sedan to drive and you want to have the features that make you more comfortable, this is the right sedan for you. The XLE trim of this used Toyota Avalon means that you have more comfort items than you might expect. Check out the hybrid powertrain and let this car be the one that gives you a great drive and the fuel mileage you desire.

2013 Toyota Tacoma Base 4D Double Cab

You want a midsize truck that can take you on the trails and give you a fun ride in the wilderness. This is the truck for you with the 4WD system you’re looking for and the reliability that comes with a used Toyota model. Take this truck out for a ride and see how much fun it can be for you when you get out on the trails.

2018 Toyota Sienna LE

Not only is this used Toyota minivan a vehicle that your family will love to ride in, but its also a certified model that gives you an extended warranty to enjoy. Get in, take a ride, and look at the different ways this minivan can work right for your family when you’re ready to take everyone out for a weekend of fun.

2016 Toyota 4Runner SR5

Are you looking for an SUV that has the off-road brawniness that you admire? This used Toyota 4Runner can be the right choice for you. This SUV looks tough and rugged to give you the ability to have fun in the wilderness when the weekend arrives. Take this SUV out for a test drive and see if it will be the one you drive home today.

2016 Toyota RAV4 XLE

This compact SUV is the right model for you when you’re looking for a used Toyota that can fit everywhere but give you the room you need to take stuff with you on the road. Get behind the wheel and see what this used RAV4 has for you. You might be pleasantly surprised by the luxury comforts offered in this vehicle.

2017 Toyota Camry SE

You’ll find several amazing affordable used Toyota Camry models to choose from so that you can have the midsize sedan that has been a huge part of our automotive world for a long time. Take this model out for a test drive, check out the price, and see if it has what you want when you’re ready to take a drive every day.

2016 Toyota Prius Two

You can find an affordable used Toyota that has the benefits of the fuel-sipping hybrid powertrain that will make it possible for you to have the drive that you want on the road. This is an easy model for you to drive and is a Prius that will keep you away from the gas stations for a long time. Get behind the wheel and see if this is the right Toyota for you.


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