Tough Truck - The Toyota Built with a Purpose

The midsize truck market has had an influx of impressive models from various brands that have been added to the mix to give us the selection we want. Even with the changes that have taken place, the Toyota Tacoma continues to be one of the most impressive midsize trucks on the market. This is the tough truck you want to drive when you’re looking for a model that has variety and quality for you. There are more than thirty different configurations of the Tacoma to give you the ability to have a truck that does everything you want.

Start Affordable and Move up in the Tacoma

The base model of the Toyota Tacoma uses a 2.7-liter engine that gives you 159 horsepower which is enough to get the job done. This powertrain allows you to have the affordability and fuel mileage that you want when you get behind the wheel. Of course, you can also move up to a 3.5-liter V6 engine that has 278 horsepower to give you more power for the ride you desire. This larger engine makes it possible for you to tow up to 6,800 pounds behind the truck when you need to.

Safety Where You Want it in this Tough Truck

When you take the Toyota Tacoma out for a drive, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with the Toyota Safety Sense P package of driver aids and safety features. This means you have a set of cameras that are always scanning for obstacles or pedestrians to warn you of a potential collision. This system will also take action and automatically apply the brakes when you don’t respond in time. It’s good to know that you’ve got a vehicle that can help to keep you safe when your attention is away from the road for a few seconds.

The Off-Road Tacoma You’ll Love

One version of the Toyota Tacoma that can give you the drive and fun you want out on the trails in the TRD Pro model. This trim level brings you the features including Fox off-road shocks, a quarter-inch thick aluminum skid plate, an electronically locking rear differential, a five-mode Multi-Terrain Select system, and Craw Control for the ride on the trails. This tough truck also has more ground clearance in this trim to make sure you can handle moving over obstacles when you take this truck and look for some fun and adventure in your area.

An Interior from Toyota

The statement that this truck has a Toyota interior is enough for you to know that you have an area that’s built with quality features and items that you’re sure to love. Get inside the Toyota Tacoma and check out the style, the materials, and the electronics offered that will ensure you can enjoy the drive the way you want. When you see the features in the base model, you’ll want to see what some of the higher trims have which is where you’ll see the Qi wireless charging system and upgraded materials for your ride.

Items You Can add to the Tacoma

You’ll find options packages that are divided into features that either make the Toyota Tacoma more rugged and tough or make this tough truck more impressive in the technology department. You can have the Tacoma with rear cross-traffic alerts, rear parking assist, and blind-spot monitoring. You’ll also be able to enjoy the ride with a tilt-and-slide moonroof, heated leather seats, the Entune infotainment system, and a JBL sound system. The Desert Air intake is new for this year to keep fresh air flowing to the engine and help keep dust and sand out of the engine area.

Drive Your New Toyota Touch Truck Today

There might be a number of new models that have entered the midsize pickup truck market recently, but none has the variety of the Toyota Tacoma. Visit your local Toyota dealer today and let them help you figure out which version of this tough truck will be the one that you want to drive and experience every day. The Tacoma comes with a large number of impressive features and qualities for you to enjoy and a pair of powertrains that can be easy to use. Get behind the wheel and begin the fun of driving this tough truck.


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