12.23.15 - 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

This opportunity comes along in only a rare moment.  Most of the time we compare cars from different brands rather than two from the same one which allows us to be able to enjoy the direct matching of cars that are in the same class of vehicle.  Because Porsche makes so many different sports cars the comparison of two of the best sports cars on the menu make for a wonderful testing and side by side look.  Of course with this type of pairing you can expect to take the cars out to the track for the best way to see if there really are any differences and learn what they may be.

The two Porsche models in question are the Porsche Cayman GT4 and the 911 GT3 RS.  This allows these two track ready performance machines to be ready to ride and poised to take the track in a way that we can find out what makes them two of the favorites on the road and especially on the track.

For the GT3 RS you can easily see how this car would be at home on the track especially if you were considering it as a car that you want to race at Le Mans.  This beauty carries in a large rear wing and becomes a sport car that is right for driving.  This wing is over the top for some people and their driving desires.  The build for this model is of a much wider 911 Turbo body with large alloy wheels and amazing tires to stick to the track perfectly.  There is nothing subtle about this car to make you feel like it would be anything but awesome and a lot of fun on the track for you to really love the ride.

For the GT4 you see the typical matte-black exterior details and the conventional five-bolt wheels along with the gold Porsche badge that is recessed into the hood.  This is different from the GT3 RS as it uses the racing derived center lock wheels with trick vents on top of each of the front fenders.  The RS offered the carbon-ceramic brakes and the standard steel versions for the GT4 which is a bit less expensive than the RS, which leads us to our next point of comparison for these two beautiful models, the price.

The GT4 starts out at $85,595 with the GT3 RS offering a base price of $178,195.  This certainly leads to a massive price difference which quickly reminds you which car is for the track and which one would work fine as your daily driver.  This also means the GT3 RS has 115 more horsepower and a closer ratio seven-speed dual clutch PDK transmission, rear wheel drive and an electronic limited slip differential but it is actually 200 pounds heavier than the GT4.  Because of this huge difference in price you expect the GT3 RS to be substantially better to drive.

The GT3 RS offers a specific type of tuning which allows it to be able to enjoy the added power and more torque through the midranges.  This means you have the ability to hold more speed in the corners than with other cars which gives you the amazing performance you want to have from this awesome car.  The flat six-cylinder engine makes for a great deal of balance and great power to be a car that really gets the job done.  Overall, the GT3 RS is as perfect as you expect it to be, which is a dynamic track ready ride the hugs every part of the track with perfect balance and awesome speed,  This is a car that really does give you everything you want.

When you choose the GT4 you enjoy a smaller and more nimble car that feels great to drive.  This car makes you feel more involved with the driving because it gives you the chance to have a six-speed manual transmission that also gives you a conventional mechanical LSD.  This car is stable and energetic but gives you more feedback than you do in the RS from the steering system to allow the feeling of some of the most direct feeling from the car.

There is no doubt that the GT3 RS is made to be a greater car than the GT4 but both of them make for some awesome driving.  When you have the money for a direct track ready car the RS is the right choice but if you are on a much lower budget (not that you really can call the GT4 a budget car) the GT4 is the right choice.  Even though this was a comparison we see two very different cars that are built for a vastly different world of automotive enjoyment, but both made to handle the road and track with ease and perfection.

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