12.26.15 - 1953 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

The US Postal Service brings us a variety of great collectible stamps on a regular basis, making new ones nearly every year.  For car guys and truck enthusiasts the new stamps for this year show us four classic trucks that will be adorned beautifully and make for a fun way to collect or send mail.  Some of us are not just car guys buy also philatelists (stamp collectors) and enjoy the fun of collecting some of the rarest and collectible stamps ever made.  Even if you don’t enjoy cars but like to collect stamps these are four you should consider adding to your collection.

These truck stamps are all illustrated by Chris Lyons and come in the book of twenty First Class Forever stamps, which means you can send sixteen to your friends and family while keeping four in perfect condition for your collection.  Here are the trucks that are illustrated on the stamps:

1938 International Harvester D-2This is the oldest truck that is shown in the stamps which is a great looking truck that was made to be close to the luxury cars of the time.  You will notice the gorgeous barrel shaped front grill on the truck and the body work that is show to depict a strong chassis.  This truck at the time was powered by a fantastic six-cylinder engine that gave the truck a full 1,000 pound payload for the owners to enjoy.  This is certainly a great way for the truck to bring back the feeling of nostalgia.

1953 Chevrolet  Clearly this is a design that we are familiar with as it comes from one of our most admired brands that has been around for a long time.  This truck shows up with the classic single cab and a chrome grill and bumper along with the spare tire that was mounted on the side of the truck behind the driver’s side door.  This truck also was powered by a powerful and extremely reliable six-cylinder engine and the truck was considered to have an Advanced Design for the time to give if the look of strength and drive we enjoyed at the time.

1948 Ford F-1Painted in forest green and showing a wooden sideboard this truck is a classic of the time and one that was made to be a great truck to drive.  The cab was dubbed the “Million Dollar Cab” at the time which was the cost to Ford to design and set up the tooling of this cab (mere pennies compared to the costs today).  The five bar chrome grill is depicted beautifully as is the chrome bumper underneath, making this a stamp that really does do some justice to the truck that it is modeled after.

1965 Ford F-100Looking at this truck compared to the other three you can see the styling heading toward a more modern appearance.  As one of the most attractive trucks of the coke bottle time frame and the side slabs that were also a signature of the time you can see how this truck was a favorite of the time.  This was one of the first of the current F-Series trucks we enjoy today and you can see some of the actual stylings of this truck that may be reflected in your own F-150 today.

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