12.20.15 - 2017 Infiniti QX30

Infiniti has already announced they will offer the smallest version of its lineup the QX30 in the US and everywhere else in 2017.  Most of the world will see this as two different vehicles, but because the two vehicles (the Q30 and QX30) are basically the same size with one being a bit taller because of right height they will be under the same name here in America.  This will make it easy for us to understand exactly what this vehicle is, a small hatchback that has one model with a higher ride.

This naming strategy will give us three versions of the QX30 when it arrives during the 2017 model year lineup.  Two of these will be the FWD versions that will be the same as the ones sold overseas under the Q30 name and the third will be the AWD model that has the higher ride height that is the QX30 that matches up with what is offered overseas.  This will give us a vehicle that has three models that make a great option for driving an Infiniti that is right for you to choose from in order to have the compact crossover SUV that is at the smallest size you want for driving a great vehicle.

In order to understand the differences other than the QX30 that has extra body cladding to go along with the added ride height which makes it an actual crossover SUV.  Mechanically the different models are the same, using a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that is attached to a seven speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.  This new QX30 is based on the MFA platform that already contains the Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA giving us a proven performer when it comes to the build and mechanics of this new vehicle.

The two differences for the base model will be the QX30 and QX30S which will be identical to the Q30 that is offered in Europe.  The S model will be the Sport version that has a lower ride height, 19-inch wheels and a specific suspension tuning along with a front and rear look that sets it apart from the base model.  This gives us a sport model, a base model and an SUV model all for the same vehicle to give us some of the best we can expect from an awesome new Infiniti that we will see for the 2017 model year.

If you are still confused you might need some time to go over this once again.  The base model will be just that with the S model offering sport tuning and the lowered ride and the AWD model giving you a higher ride height and AWD.  All three versions will offer the same mechanical equipment to make it only the selectin of the drive and the ride all you need to decide when you look to this new QX30 to be the vehicle you want to enjoy.  Thankfully, we still have about six months to discuss the differences before Infiniti brings this car to America for us to enjoy.

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