04.10.17 - Lincoln Continental

04.10.17 - Lincoln Continental

When you hear the name Lincoln Continental a smile has to immediately cross your face. This name along brings back thoughts of the large, comfortable and impressive flagship models from Lincoln of the past. This car has returned for the 2017 model year to retake its rightful place at the top of the Lincoln lineup. It’s a bold and appealing sedan that makes it easy to admire what Lincoln offers when you’re looking for the right car to drive and want one that will give you the comfort and the features that make a huge difference in your driving experience.

This new flagship model is the signature of class and style for Lincoln. The familiar name should make this an instant hit on the market and this new full-size sedan offers you tons of what you want with nothing that you don’t. By taking over the top spot in the lineup the MKS is no longer offered by Lincoln but adding the Continental back to the lineup makes a huge difference. The last time we had a Continental was in 2002 but this is a name we’ve known since the time of World War II.

If you’re looking for a great car that harkens back to the names that you used to admire such as the Crown Victoria and DeVille this is the car that you’ll want to drive. Even if you’re not familiar with these names the Continental is a car that’s perfect for you to have the ride you’re looking for with the technology, comfort, amenities and ride that’s right. Not often do we see such a smooth riding and comfortable luxury sedan with so many heading for sport in their builds, but Lincoln continues to allow their vehicles to be comfortable and based upon the smooth and cushy ride you want.

In an older model of the Continental you would have expected a large V8 engine under the hood, but the 2017 version is powered by three different V6 engines for you to choose from. The base power plant is a 3.7-liter model that brings you 305 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque, the mid-range engine is a 2.7-liter twin turbocharged model that ups the power to 335 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque and the top dog in this group is a 3.0-liter twin turbocharged engine that has 400 horsepower and lb.-ft. of torque for you. All three of these engines us a smooth shifting six-speed automatic transmission to give you the shift points you need.

There are four trim levels of this large sedan to give you the right equipment package for you. These trims are Premier, Select, Reserve and Black Label. At the Premiere model you’ll have heated and power adjustable front seats, a power operated steering wheel, a universal garage door opener, automatic hold brake, a rearview camera, parking aids, an eight-inch capacitive touchscreen, the Sync 3 infotainment system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Moving up to the Select model will give you leather upholstery, a hands free power operated trunk, self-closing and opening doors and access to more option packages that you can add.

The options you can add at the Reserve level bring in a navigation system, bling spot monitoring, tri-zone automatic climate controls and the middle level engine. The Black Label model brings you Venetian leather, and the connectivity to make dinner reservations and schedule your maintenance appointments that you need to make. This level of the Continental offers you the pickup and delivery service you want Lincoln to do for you when you’re looking for the car that can fit into your lifestyle easily. Other items that you can add include the rear seat reclining, heated and ventilated seats all around, the Revel audio system, a dynamic cruise control, lane keep assist, automatic emergency braking and AWD.

The new Lincoln Continental is an amazing new flagship sedan for Lincoln that offers you the name you’ve known forever with the modern equipment you want. If your luxury ride is one you want to enjoy in a comfortable car that puts your comfort first, this is the car for you. Come in and see the new Continental at the Lincoln dealer near you and let it bath you in comfort, style and features that can make the ride perfect for you.

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