04.07.17 - Volkswagen Golf GTI

04.07.17 - Volkswagen Golf GTI

Over the course of automotive history the hot hatch has been a type of car that has given us the fun we want to enjoy on the road while offering us the low price of a car that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A car that allows for the fun to be enjoyed out on the roads in your area while also being one that can make a difference in the drive has been everything we’ve wanted. The hot hatch originated in Europe and was first introduced in a model we still love today.

The original hot hatch was the Volkswagen Golf GTI. This car came to use with the fuel injection system from Bosch and an engine from an Audi at the time. This was all packed into the Golf to see if it could pass muster. With the fact this car has been on the road for the past forty years, it’s a safe bet that the Golf GTI was a huge hit and approved by those that had opinions that mattered at the time the car was being developed and sold. Now that this car is forty years old, it’s time to celebrate in a big way.

Some will argue the Golf GTI wasn’t the first hot hatch ever built and they would be correct. It may not be the absolute first ever, but it was the first one done the right way. What you expect when you see a hot hatch is the balance, the feel and the engagement that comes with a great car. The VW Golf GTI was offered as a car that could handle any road and felt great when you took it out to the narrow and harrowing roads in Europe where it looked and felt like it was right at home.

Forty years later we have a new car that’s being offered as a great way to celebrate the decades of existence of the VW Golf GTI. This new edition is the Clubsport Edition 40 with offers you an engine that packs in 261 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine can also enjoy a boost to 286 horsepower with the use of the overboost feature offered on the car. This is easily one of the most fun cars to drive and will give you a fantastic way to have the ride you want when you’re looking for excitement on your drive.

Thankfully the VW Golf GTI was approved. This car has been the founding father of the hot hatches we love to enjoy on the road today. It seems that more brands are offering us an exciting and planted hatchback that comes with a variety of ways to enjoy the ride. The Golf GTI is forty years old and now it’s time for this car to continue to amaze us on the roads in our area. Check out this video from DRIVETRIBE and see the impressive differences and similarities that VW has allowed to take place in this awesome hot hatch original.

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