2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The 2015 model year is coming to a close and this awesome car deserves some attention and is still available for shoppers who desire an awesome luxury car. As a higher end luxury car the S-Class is made for the social elite to enjoy a drive is a full lap of luxury and style. The S-Class is almost technologically advanced enough to drive itself, but not quite yet, however the full line of features and controls that are offered make it an easy to drive and enjoyable to ride in vehicle that is both beautiful and elegant no matter where it ventures.

Competing in a luxury category that boasts the BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Jaguar XJ and Lexus LS the S-Class can bring a starting price that reaches six figures easily and moves upward from there. For the 2014 model year this awesome machine is all new and completely redesigned to give owners the latest in Mercedes-Benz technology, engineering, styling and sophistication.

Even as a large sedan the S-Class would be expected to be a heavy and lumbering vehicle, but with the aluminum structure that has been added it actually is very light for it size allowing easier maneuverability and makes the control very smooth and responsive. The suspension, called Airmatic offers the feel of a cushion of air and is very adaptive to curves, turns, and road abrasions to allow the smoothest and easiest drive in this class. The steering is finely tuned and highly responsive yet smooth when working in unison with the suspension. As expected from this class of vehicle the insulation and noise deflection technology is second to none offering a completely silent cabin that can be filled with the owner’s choice of musical selections or videos on the rear-seat entertainment system for the younger passengers.

There are two engine offerings on the S-Class the first being found on the S550, and S550 4Matic models. This engine is a beefy 4.7-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that reaches 449 horsepower and 516 lb.-ft. of torque. This excellent engine is matched up with a well-engineered seven-speed automatic transmission that offers a decent fuel efficiency for a V8 coming in at 17 city/25 hwy mpg for the S550 rear-wheel drive model and 16 city/26 hwy mpg for the S550 4Matic all-wheel drive version.

The second engine is one that offers much more power and performance to the owner, giving a feeling of real driving excitement and not just a luxury cruise. This engine is found on the S63 AMG 4Matic model and comes in the form of a 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that offers up a monstrous 577 horsepower and 664 lb.-ft. of torque. Using the same seven-speed transmission but adding AMG’s Speedshift programming that assists in quicker up and down shifts that still stay smooth and enjoyable, the fuel efficiency for this powertrain comes in at 15 city/23 hwy mpg. Anyone needing to feel a ton of driving excitement and enjoyment will want to opt for this power combination.

At the price this car comes in with what is actually expected for the interior? How about soft and supple leather, wooden accents, metal trimmings, and a ton of technology and features to enjoy? Every seat is comfortable and luxurious to impress even the stodgiest of executives and the panoramic sunroof offers a skyscape for interest and intrigue. At the controls, the driver is met with two 12.3-inch high-resolution color screens for both driving information and infotainment as well as all car system controls. When riding at night a bevy of LED lighting is in place to allow longer life of the lighting and an exquisite feel of comfort during night time driving.

From the outside the S-Class is obvious with its luxury appearance. The entire vehicle is adorned in chrome trim and the signature Mercedes-Benz hood ornament sits proudly on the front of the car. The lines and angles are comfort inspiring and sweep across and back of the car with simple ease and grace. The front grill appears to smile is chrome smile while being flanked by two HID wrap back headlights. The wheels are large mag-inspired and sporty and the trunk area is massive to allow for plenty of shopping bags or luggage depending on the destination of the day.

Standard features offered for the S-Class are almost laughable as optional features on many other cars, but this is a high-end luxury vehicle. The features include a 13-speaker Burmester sound system, a panoramic sunroof, all LED lighting, the full circle of safety features to protect the occupants, a Pre-Safe feature that adds to this safety when and imminent collision is about to occur, a plethora of airbags to keep everyone protected, 24-hour roadside assistance that is offered for the entire life of the vehicle, and all expected luxury offerings.

Moving into the optional features can turn this already high-class luxury vehicle to one that an owner can call home on the road. The optional features includes heated/ventilated/massaging seats, keyless operation, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane-keep assistance, four-zone climate control, an electrically adjustable foot rest in the back seat, as well as a full line of “Executive” rear-seat options to make this already impressive vehicle that much more so. Those choosing options from this list will add a lot to the price of the vehicle, but it can be worth it for the long lasting luxury from an awesome high-end sedan.

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class will start off at a price point of $94,000 for the S550. Moving to the 4Matic with the all-wheel drive will add $3,000 to the price tag. Anyone adding all the bells and whistles and moving to the S63 AMG will find the price coming in around $140,000 making this one of the priciest luxury cars on the market today. Even with that high price tag, anyone who can afford it will absolutely love all the features and benefits offered that just couldn’t be had on any other vehicle.

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