Does everything in the automotive world need upgrading?  Can we not just be happy and satisfied with a car that can reach sixty mph in lightning speed with a performance to hold a hairpin turn at top speeds?  Do we really need to keep pushing the envelope to make cars that are faster, better performing, more powerful, more aerodynamic and certainly sportier?  Absolutely, it wouldn’t be in the nature of any car enthusiast to not embrace the ideal of creating vehicles that are better, faster, stronger on every level.  This certainly is not just an American principal either; it’s one that is felt worldwide.

Take for instance the 650S Can-Am created by the bespoke division of McLaren, MSO that has taken the 650S and created a sports car that not only shows off a generous amount of sport inspired additions, but actually gives a nod to the McLaren models of the past.  There is almost nothing I enjoy more than an automaker, or even a division, that has chosen to bring back some of the creative stylings of the past with the use of modern technology.  It feels like they know the designers of the past has the right idea, just not all the technology and materials to make the perfect cars.

This new 650S Can-Am offers more carbon fiber than most with a retractable hard top, hood, airbrake, front splitter, rear bumper, door blades, sill covers and much more all made from this material.  Maybe it would have been easier to list what was not made of carbon fiber for you.  The forged wheels are specially made and designed along with gaining the benefit of a gloss black finish before they are fitted into the Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires that make the ride smooth.  For stopping power a large set of carbon ceramic brakes are installed in the wheels.  More unique features of this car include the quad exhaust system and the louvered front wings which give it a sportier function than before.

If this is a car you are interested in, it will be offered in three colors – Mars Red, Papaya Spark and Onyx Black.  If you can dream up the racing feature you want, its offered for this unique supercar to ensure you can enjoy the track performance you are looking for.  Of course McLaren would not allow you to be uncomfortable in the seat and has put in an interior that is wrapped in leather and Alcantara along with some gorgeous carbon fiber interior elements.

The engine is the same as the base model which is a 3.8-liter twin turbocharged V8 engine which gives you 641 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque.  Running to sixty mph takes only three seconds and when you really want to see what this beauty will do you can reach a top speed of 204 mph, which is actually limited by the manufacturer.

The 65S Cam-Am is certainly a fitting way for McLaren to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Can-Am race where the brand experienced a massive amount of success when it took five consecutive championships.  If this is the car for you just wait until the spring of 2016 and be ready to pay $334,500 for one of these beauties which will be limited to only fifty models that will be made.

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