Why are Car Faces So Angry

For years the front of the car, its face, looked either serious, playful or even determined, but more often than not the descriptions of your vehicle at the front was not of anger.  The face of the car resembled its character in many ways, offering you a certainty about what the car would be an how it would feel to drive.  Not only could you find cars that seemed genuinely happy to be driven you could buy cars in a wide variety of colors in order to show some of your own personality that would go along with the car.  Now if you want the color to be a personal reflection you need a niche or sports car and sometimes have to pay for the color change.

Cars of today offer a look that is menacing and angry from the front.  Whether that is because the general design of the front of the vehicle, as we have gone to larger grills with more aerodynamic front end shapes has naturally caused this effect or if the manufacturers truly want to have angry looking cars is a mystery.  Regardless of why, many cars now have frowns across their front, or simply look like they are ready to perform violence in a manner that is unfitting a driving enjoyment of any kind.

It certainly does not help that many LED headlight accents appear to add the furrowed eyebrows that make the cars look even more pissed off at the world than ever.  With an angry car you certainly hope not to find an angry driver, but more often than not that is the case as the look of the car may reflect the driver in some ways, accidental or not.  Is this really how we want to experience driving on any road?

Back to the colors, what colors do you see the most of on the road?  Silver, gray, black, white and maybe a red or blue, but mostly silver, gray, black and white; are these really the colors we are going with?  These aren’t even colors, they are shades and put is in a mundane monochromatic world that hints back to a time of black and white television.  These are the colors of seriousness; do we really have to take ourselves serious in every endeavor of our lives, do we not know how to have some fun?

Driving is supposed to not only be a way to transport from one place to another, but also to offer an escape and an experience that can be romantic and enjoyed.  Driving should set you free, but with cars that look as angry as we feel after a long day at work it’s difficult to release yourself and let yourself be carried away by the ride from behind the wheel.  Next time you buy are car, ask for a fun and funky color, look for a car that isn’t ticked off at the world and see just how much more fun you can have from a car that reflects how you want to feel.  A bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle would be a great place to start, especially a convertible one; let driving be fun for you again.

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