Alfa Romeo Giulia

The two door coupe of the Alfa Romeo 4C was a head turner for several years and has been a sports car that sits well near the top of the luxury sports car world.  As one of the premier names in the world, Alfa Romeo knows it has to have vehicles that are nearly perfect in every way when they hit the streets.  The next offering from this legendary symbol of excellence was already known to be a four-door sedan, but what it would look like was kept under wraps for a long time so we could all marvel at the genius at one time.

Of course, like many other vehicles, photos of the new Alfa were revealed a day before the company was to unveil the car itself.  Even though the photos spoiled it a bit, the inner working and equipment were kept secret by only having a small number of people actually work on the project, mostly those who already knew they would be able to keep a secret as they had previously worked on secret government projects.  This allowed Alfa to give us the new sedan all at once so we would be allowed to view the finished product and not bits and pieces.

So now the unveiling has taken place and we see the new four-door Alfa will be a great sedan.  This awesome new car will be about the same size as a BMW 3-Series and carry the name of Giulia which is a throwback to the Alfa lines from the 1960s and ‘70s for us to remember the time when the Alfa Romeo built up the reputation for being one of the world’s best automakers.  One of the most intriguing features of the new Alfa is the wheels which are set well forward of the doors, making the longest wheelbase possible which helps to gain a great deal of control for the car.

When you see the car the front has been designed to be a classic Alfa looking front with the triangular shaped nose  and signature badging.  Even with this front that we are used to seeing, the new Giulia comes in with a set of redesigned brand badges that hopefully will attract more buyers, along with the new car and give Alfa the success they have been looking for.  The actual goal for Alfa Romeo is to sell 400,000 of these cars worldwide by 2018 which is a huge number.  This represents an increase of 540 percent over what they sold in 2013.  The US market currently won’t hold a huge part of that number unless more dealers are opened as there are currently only 120 dealers nationwide who sell Alfa Romeo products.

The new Giulia will benefit from a rear-wheel drive platform and has a suspension that uses control arms in the front and a multilink setup in the back.  The Quadrifoglio will represent the top model of the lineup and offer torque-vectoring through the clutches in the transmission.  This top line model will also be fitted with special Pirelli P Zero Corsas tires that are specifically made for this car and be set up with thinner tires up front and wider in the back to give the benefit of a setup that is much easier to handle for a majority of car owners.

With the introduction of aluminum technology into the auto industry you could be certain the high end car builders would use this to their advantage and the Giulia does just that.  This car has a fully balanced 50/50 weight distribution and comes in at a total curb weight of 3325 pounds.  this translates to one of the lowest power to weight ratios on the market at 6.6 pounds per horsepower for the top end Quadrifoglio.

Not many sedans can make the run to sixty mph in less than four seconds, but Alfa claims the Giulia will do the run in less than 3.9 seconds to make it one of the fastest sedans that will enter the market.  At the top end the engine is a 503 horsepower twin turbocharged V6 that offers the power of quad exhaust ports to give it some great power and make use of what is under the hood of this awesome car.

For the lower models, a naturally aspirated V6 is the expected engine to be under the hood or possibly even a turbocharged four-cylinder.  The Giulia is expected to be equipped with an advanced AWD system for those areas where weather can become an issue for drivers.  The interior of the Giulia shows up as a fully outfitted luxury cabin that makes a great range of options to enjoy and plenty of comfort for anyone who decides this is the car for them to drive.  The interior room was on par with a BMW 3 Series as well.

The pricing of this car is expected to reach a few ranges, but the great surprise is that all of them are expected to be well under $100k.  The top of the line Quadrifoglio is planned to release around $75,000 with the V6 showing up closer to $50,000 and the turbo-four coming in at a more reasonable $40,000.  This puts this car in line with many of the other luxury brands on the market already  and just might be exactly what makes Alfa feel they can easily surpass their 400,000 sales mark that has been set.

As we get the new Alfa in dealerships as early as the first half of 2016, we will see this car will be offered as a 2017 model and give us a car that comes from one of the premier names in the world.  If you are looking for a great new luxury sedan that is similar in size to the BMW 3 Series and you can wait a year, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is certainly going to be well worth the wait and you will be able to enjoy as much information regarding this great new car as you could ever want.

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