2016 Audi A6

The A6 continues to be the platform that carries the most highly recognized Audi into another successful year and for 2016 the expectation is for this awesome car to carry forward with strength and a reputation we all love.  When you have to face the competition of the BMW 5-Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Cadillac CTS and Acura RLX you certainly want to stand out among that crowd and the A6 does so with quiet confidence.  Quiet at least until it the start button is pushed, then the fun begins and the A6 roars down the road in style and elegance and a huge amount of power.

Not only is the A6 fun and energetic to drive, it carries in the quality luxury features you want to see from a leader in this segment including the best navigation on the market and a sport version in the S6 that will make the drive even more fun with the added power and dynamic driving characteristics.  For this upgraded model, the A6 shows up with a redesign on the front and rear to appear more aggressive but still carry forward a refined and sophisticated style.  All engines except the turbodiesel have received upgraded power on the A6 to continue the fun and excitement.

When you drive the A6 you will surely be impressed by the eight-speed automatic transmission which is smooth and gives the car some of the best shifting you could ever find on any luxury model.  Driving down the road allows the suspension, braking and all control features to show off with dynamic performance, giving the best in control and making this a car which you will want to unleash on a canyon run or out on the mountainous regions to see exactly how this beauty will perform.

With available Quattro AWD you can have all the control you want in the A6 which actually feels and drives like a much smaller car than it is.  This makes choosing the long way home from work, especially at the end of the week a choice you will certainly make more often than not.

Some of the most touted attributes of this updated sedan are the diesel engine and the interior of the car.  The diesel engine is a 3.0-liter TDI that can achieve up to 25 city/38 hwy mpg and still give you the power of 428 lb.-ft. of torque, which is simply amazing.  The interior, while expected to be quiet, is one of the most silent found anywhere in any luxury car.  For a car at the price of A6, quiet is expected, but this one is practically silent, allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasure of driving and enjoying the sounds you want, not what is carrying on outside.

Looking at the prices for the A6 lineup, keeping in mind this is a midsized luxury sedan, the price starts at a very reasonable $46,000 for the base models that has the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.  When you choose to load this beauty up and head to the other end of the spectrum with the S6 that is fully loaded you can easily spend $70,000.  The good news is there are plenty of choices in between to make sure you can gain the A6 model you want with all the features you are looking for in your new luxury ride.

With the equipment in mind the question comes to mind (almost like asking how you take your eggs) of how do you take your A6?  The standard offering has leather seating with heated front seats, Bluetooth connectivity for phones and audio, automatic headlights, seat memory and a full array of expected features.  The difference here is if you wanted leather in the comparable BMW or Mercedes-Benz models you would have to choose it as an option and pay a bit more giving an advantage to Audi in this case.

Upgrading from the base model brings in the two V6 engines and the awesome V8 that are available to give more power and performance than the base four-banger. In addition to the power from these better engines, the transmission in place is either the seven or eight-speed automatic transmissions give better fuel numbers than previous models.  Along with these upgrades, the options for the A6 show up with the MMI infotainment system with navigation, adaptive cruise control, a full menu of safety systems and many more equipment choices to make the A6 the car you want it to be.

As you can see, from any equipment offering the A6 can be set up to be awesome from every angle, so what does the inside offer?  The interior of this awesome luxury sedan has a feeling of comfort and style from every angle.  The leather seats, smooth dashboard and intuitive controls help make this car one that is perfect from the driver’s seat.  The excellent space in all the other seats along with how quiet this cabin is and the addition of the Wi-Fi hotspot give you a car that all your passengers can love and seriously enjoy, whether they want a nap or want to be entertained along the ride regardless of the destination.

On the outside the A6 continues to give you the looks you want.  The addition of LED lighting let those around you know this is a luxury vehicle, as if they couldn’t already tell.  The signature grill and smooth lines carry the A6 forward with the simple elegance that has come to be a part of the enjoyment of this sedan for several years, continuing to ensure Audi offers the best look for you to drive.

The Audi A6 is the sedan we recognize most.  As a midsized luxury model the A6 has a huge amount of competition but does a masterful job of being one of the leaders in this segment.  With every feature you could want along with more powerful engines than ever before, driving the A6 is fun and glorious along any road.  Take a drive; enjoy the quiet cabin and the smooth shifting of the transmission along with the awesome engaging handling features and fall in love with the Audi A6 which you will soon have parked in your driveway in between awesome drives on the open road.

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