2016 Toyota Sequoia towing a Boat

What do you love about a large SUV?  If you enjoy the old school ruggedness of a large beast of burden that can carry lots of people and all the cargo at the same time the Sequoia continues to fit the bill.  As one of the largest and most attractive versions of the large SUV the new 2016 version is attractive, powerful and capable, all features we love to enjoy on our SUVs.  When you consider the competition this beast faces you know it has to be great to even be considered as it’s facing the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, the GMC Yukon and the Ford Expedition as competitors in this segment.

While the others on this list have all taken on some refinements in order to be more efficient and improve the passenger comfort the Sequoia has found a way to maintain its machismo and continue to be the brute among the bulldogs on the playground.  As this big beast took some design cues from the Tundra you can see how much it is working to continue to be the meathead on the market and show off just how much it can “pick things up and put them down” to quote an odd but pointed ad.

Once you set foot inside the Toyota Sequoia you can see just why the SUV is so admired for its space and size.  There is room for up to eight to ride and still have plenty of space for some cargo to go along wherever the SUV needs to head out to.  Both rear rows of seats can be folded down to give a flat cargo floor or have portion kept up for the passengers that need to sit in the rear even with some cargo coming along.

While you get to enjoy lots of space on the inside the driving feeling of this big brute is just that, beastly.  You can easily drive this vehicle over nearly everything in your path, but you do need to keep in mind this is no compact car and must be handled perfectly.  Others are going to get out of your way and you will enjoy the amazing array of great features to test out and work with up front, but cutting corners at high speeds is not going to be part of the driving experience of this massive monster.

When you look under the hood there is only one engine offering for you to make which is the case because most shoppers were not looking to the smaller engine before anyway.  Because most of us want a large SUV to be able to tow a good trailer as well the remaining engine allows for the capability we need.  This engine is a 5.7-liter V8 that offers 381 horsepower and 401 lb.-ft. of torque and the all-important towing capability of hauling up to 7,400 pounds wherever you need to go.  This certainly ensures you have the power you need to head out for a lot of fun wherever you want to go, which might just be on top of a mountain or down by the ocean.

Using a four wheel independent suspension gives the Sequoia one of the most confident and secure rides no matter where you take this big body on frame SUV.  This has been one of the most important features of any large SUV, to be a great off road performer as well as one that can handle the chore of driving on the road with confidence and capability, both features the Sequoia brings to the party for you to enjoy the rode and come back asking for more.

When you want an SUV that can bring the heat and carry the load you can’t make a better choice than the Toyota Sequoia.  Let’s see you can tow a trailer, fill it with stuff and even load down the roof rack and it will still take you wherever you want to go.  With four-wheel drive and a massively powerful engine your whole family can enjoy a weekend by the lake or at a campsite in the wilderness where you can commune with nature.  On the other hand if you need to bring a large antique store find home from the shop this can be the vehicle of choice to make it easier to get your treasures to your doorstep.

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