Ohio’s New Honda EV Hub

With investment moving forward as planned at the Ohio EV Hub, Honda is coming another step closer to producing EVs domestically. 

A Gateway to North American Electric Vehicle Production

Honda plans to begin EV production in the United States in late 2025, which means drivers will see some differences at the Honda dealer in the coming years. This article will offer an overview of the automaker’s progress and what to expect. Find out what to expect at the Honda dealer and beyond.

Honda Will Hire New Workers and Upskills Associates

Honda plans to hire 300 new workers at its Ohio EV Hub to assist with the in-house assembly of the company’s Intelligent Power Unit (IPU). The IPU both houses the battery and serves as part of the vehicle’s platform.

In addition to hiring new workers, Honda is preparing for the shift to domestic EV production by upskilling 300 existing associates at its Marysville Auto Plant for IPU assembly.

Ultimately, the automaker plans to transform four of its production facilities to lead the charge of North American EV production. Honda will invest $700 million or more into its Marysville, East Liberty, and Anna Engine plants.

The Role of the Ohio EV Hub

Essential changes are taking place across the Honda brand, from production plants to the local Honda dealer. However, most of the magic will happen at the Ohio EV Hub.

The automaker plans to send relevant associates to the EV Hub to develop knowledge and expertise in EV production. They will then be able to share knowledge and experience across the North American Honda auto production network.

According to American Honda Motor Co. Inc. executive vice president Bob Nelson, the company’s establishment of the Ohio EV Hub is as much about training Honda associates taking on new production responsibilities as it is about investing in equipment.

The EV Hub will be home to the L-H Battery Company, Inc., a joint EV battery plant near Jeffersonville, Ohio. The joint venture between Honda and LG Energy Solutions should be completed by the end of 2024.

Additional Changes at Honda Production Plants

The exciting developments at the Ohio EV Hub constitute just some of the changes occurring in the Honda EV production network.

The Marysville Auto Plant will continue to run parallel production lines of EVs and ICE vehicles. Newly upskilled workers will also assemble IPUs in-house for use at Maysville and East Liberty Auto Plants. The East Liberty plant will make similar changes.

At the Honda Anna Engine Plant, the automaker will install six 31-foot-tall high-pressure die-cast machines to mega-cast IPU cases. To make space for this operation, the plant transferred the production of some engine components to the Alabama Auto Plant.

Changes to Expect at the Honda Dealer

Drivers who still prefer ICE and hybrid vehicles shouldn’t worry. Though Honda has committed to 100% zero-emissions sales by 2040, the company plans to sustain current levels of traditional vehicle sales.

Because Honda plans to assemble its EVs and their batteries in the United States, buyers heading to the Honda dealer will continue to have access to federal subsidies. They will also find an ever-expanding variety of EVs in the coming years.

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