A Special Model of the Porsche Boxster Will be Offered

Can you believe the Porsche Boxster has been around for 25 years? Porsche is ready to celebrate this occasion with a special model.

It seems like only yesterday that this baby 911 was created and offered with a smaller engine but all the same goodness that Porsche has to offer.  With this milestone achieved, Porsche has a special presentation offered for the Boxster to give us something we’ll want to drive that only a few people in the world will be able to enjoy.

A New Name for this Special Boxster

The 25thAnniversary model of this Porsche will be called the Boxster 25. A fitting name for the car that has piqued our interest and tickled our imagination at a more affordable price for the past 25 years. The 718 designation will be dropped for this model to give you the 25 that will signify the momentous occasion.

Not only will this latest version of the Porsche Boxster wear the badge of honor, but it will also only be offered in 1,250 versions. As you can see, the “25” number finds its way into the middle of this number, giving us a small quantity that can be right for the drive. This new version of the Boxster will have the power we want when it rolls off the line ready to be driven on the roads and tracks of the world.

There are Similarities to the Original

You’ll see copper-like highlights for the new Boxster 25 which is called Neodyme. This is a color that is extremely similar to the original concept model that was offered 25 years ago. This color will be seen on the front and side air intakes, the lettering, the badging, and the 20-inch alloy wheels. The body is GT Silver metallic but it can be had in black or white as well.

Plenty of Power for the Porsche Boxster 25

This special edition of the Boxster will be powered by the GTS 4.0-liter flat six-cylinder engine. This engine produces 394 horsepower and gives you the shifting you need with either a six-speed manual or seven-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission. You’ll love having this power at the rear wheels when you’re ready to take this car out for a spin and show it off to your friends.

Enjoy Amazing Performance Qualities in this Car

To give this new special model more of the fun you’re looking for, Porsche includes the Porsche Active Suspension Management system, which drops the car by nearly half an inch. You can also enjoy a sport suspension and drop the car even lower and make use of the Torque Vectoring System and the mechanical limited-slip differential.

Looking Inside for Style

The cabin of the Porsche Boxster 25 will give you the red interior you love to see in sports cars and a cloth folding top that matches the color. You can get these items in black, but they look extremely sporty in red. This is a car you’ll want to get in the front of the line for if you want to drive one.

With only 1,250 models being made, you’ll be pleased to be one of the few to enjoy driving this special car.

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