When the Jeep Wrangler 4×4 was released with a new option for rear half-doors earlier this year, it became apparent that a similar option was needed for the Jeep Gladiator. These two vehicles already used the same style of doors, so it only makes sense that the upgrade option would exist for both. The end result is a more open-air experience than what you find with regular doors.

The Dual Door Group

Simply order the Dual Door Group upgrade package to get a new Jeep Gladiator with the new half doors. The new doors are lockable, removable, and painted to match.

Drivers have two options when they choose the half-door add-on: base and premium. The Base window setup uses vinyl that matches a base soft-top material and will add $4,590 to the cost of your Gladiator. The Premium option uses a higher-quality acrylic woven material that mixes with the fancier soft-top Jeep sells and costs $4,990. Either option is $595 more than the same upgrades on the Wrangler.

Some Installation Required

When you purchase the new Jeep Gladiator with the Dual Door Group, you’ll get your truck with the regular full doors already installed. The half doors are tucked inside, but you’ll have to make the switch.

The good news is that changing out your doors is a relatively simple process. Start by undoing the two bolts that hold the door to its hinges. If your model has power accessories on the doors, make sure to unplug the door’s wiring. Now it’s just a matter of lifting the doors off of the hinges. Installing the half doors is as simple as reversing this process.

Of course, once you’re accustomed to changing out the doors, you may decide to take a ride with the doors off completely. The half doors help create the wind-in-your-face feeling you get without doors in place but provide you the option to quickly lock up your Jeep Gladiator or protect your interior from a sudden downpour.

Get More With a Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the staples of the Jeep lineup, but it didn’t meet the need for a truck from this popular automaker. Jeep decided to introduce the Gladiator, which is pretty much a Wrangler with a truck bed. This mid-size pickup is anything from typical. It offers similar off-road capabilities as the Wrangler with some extra pieces of style.

While the Gladiator has only been in production for a couple of years, it was an instant hit. The addition of the optional diesel engine makes it a competitor both on and off-road. Stop by your local Jeep dealer to learn more about how the Jeep Gladiator is making history with every year it’s in production.

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