2017 Honda Civic

Normally, there are several cars that can make a claim of having generated the most buzz at any particular auto show. At the New York Auto Show, it wasn’t even close. Everyone’s talking about the new Honda Civic “concept” and it’s not just because of the dashing lime green they used to introduce it.

First and foremost, it has the right mix of being new without being obnoxious. People can look at it in wonder without scratching their head. The overall aesthetic is powerful without being overstated and the contours are everything people have been expecting from Honda for a while.

The strength in the design is another factor. Civic has always stood for reliability and economy, but outside of some easy modifications and the Si trim, the car has never really been an exciting ride. This one promises to be different. This is their turf and others have been encroaching on it in recent years. Making the car fun again is exactly what they needed after 9 generations.

The biggest reason people are talking about it is because Honda is not keeping quiet about the fact that this very close to what they’re actually going to be bringing to dealerships in fall, 2016. The “concept” label is just for show. This is the new Civic body style.

We can’t wait to see these on the street. Certainly someone out there will drive a lime green car.

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