Mid-Life Crisis Car

So what is the Mid-Life Crisis Stereotype? We have seen it, television and movies have portrayed it, generally speaking this stereotype is cast in the form of a very successful man who is getting on in years and is feeling less than adequate due to hair loss, weight gain or other signs that their lives are nearing the halfway mark or beyond. In the theatrical depictions, these men typically make a large purchase that is unnecessary and only makes them look overall very silly. This purchase is generally a type of sports car, one they may have desired all their lives and have never been able to afford until now.

Because it’s been part of our culture in the movies and on television it must be a true reflection of what actually happens in life right? Not a chance. According to CarMax, who conducted a survey regarding this stereotype, only one in five potential buyers who feel they are experiencing a mid-life crisis will actually choose a sports car. The report also shows seventeen percent would choose an SUV and about fifteen percent would pick a sedan of some sort.

Most often, a red sports car is the choice of those in the middle of a mid-life crisis, but the report states this is also not true. Red is still popular, but the most popular color was black with silver, gray and blue also making the list of colors these mid-lifers might choose for their vehicle.

Taking Gender into account, about thirty percent of men said they would be likely to purchase a sports car while only 21 percent of women answered the same way. In fact, most women that felt they were in the middle of a mid-life crises actually chose an SUV over any other style of vehicle.

Another factor was the geographic location of the car shopper. Southerners were most likely to conform to the stereotype and purchase the sports car as their mid-life crisis whole those in the Midwest would not even acquire a mid-life crisis vehicle.

For those who did choose to select a mid-life crisis vehicle the most popular choices are the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette which should come as no surprise as these would be the most popular vehicles from the childhood to admire and desire.

Does all this mean a person in the middle years of their lives (hopefully 45-50) can’t have a sports car to drive; not at all. In fact due to the longevity of this group behind the wheel it’s certainly more appealing to have someone with experience and an appreciation for life and the rules of the road behind the wheel of a high-powered sports car than a young teenager who has never really had any time driving a car. Does this mean those of that age who will drive sports cars will be thought of as having a mid-life crisis; probably so, but who cares. The car you drive should be your choice and if you are in the middle years of your life what better way to enjoy them than with a great sports car to give you the power and driving experience you have always wanted.

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