The Lexus NX Appears to Get Much Better

One of the best-selling crossovers for the Lexus brand has been the NX. We’re going to see a new generation model offered later this year.

What we expect to see in this new version is a smoother design than the current model, giving us a crossover SUV that looks ready to drive and with the style that appeals to more drives.

An Understandable Evolutionary Approach

When the Lexus NX first arrived, it was a bit quirky and had several lines and shapes that might make it a polarizing model. Since its debut, this crossover has become extremely important to the brand, outselling all of the cars and coming in second for sale only to the larger and original RX. Because of this, Lexus is taking a new design approach with this SUV to give us an NX made for more to admire and enjoy.

Blending Old and New for the Lexus NX

Some elements of the next version of the NX will harken back to the original. We will still see the spindle grille, swept-back headlights, signature LED checkmarks, and L-shaped taillights. What will change most is the bodywork. While still offered with some sharp lines, the overall appearance is smoother and softer than before with a flowing appearance coming from the liquid-metal paintwork.

The Clean Style of the Cabin

We haven’t seen all of the cabin style just yet, only a pair of images were offered to give us a hint at this area. Even so, we can see a clean look with modern qualities offered to give you the minimalistic feeling you love. Most of the controls have moved to the touchscreen while the instrumentation comes on a screen behind the steering wheel. Enjoy the clean lines and impressive surfaces offered in this cabin when the NX arrives.

One thing we notice in the images of the cabin is the fact that the drive selector has been moved closer to the driver, where it belongs. For some reason, the older models of the Lexus NX had this selector on the far side of the center console as if the passenger was in charge of the section of the drive system. This new position makes much more sense and is where it should have been in the first place.

Little Else is Known Right Now

We don’t expect to see the new Lexus NX until later this year, which means we still don’t have some of the information you would want. The new model should move to the TNGA platform, but the current version shares a platform with the Toyota RAV4. We aren’t sure what the powertrains will be, but we expect a turbocharged four-cylinder engine to be part of the lineup while adding a hybrid powertrain to the mix.

If you’ve been looking for the new Lexus NX and waiting for its arrival, your wait is nearly over. This smoother and softer version is on the way and it should be one that continues to perform extremely well for the Lexus brand.

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