The First-Ever Acura EV: Discover the High-Performance 2024 ZDX

The first Acura EV comes with an exciting package. The new 2024 Acura ZDX has everything you expect, including a high-performance Type S option.

The first Acura electric vehicle is a new midsize SUV with impressive electric powertrains to deliver the drive and excellence befitting the Acura name. This first EV rides on the GM Ultium battery platform, offering both RWD and AWD powertrains and up to 325 miles of driving range. If that’s not enough for you, the performance-oriented Type S model arrives with 500 horsepower, making it one of the most exciting and interesting Acura vehicles in the lineup.

It’s a resurrected name

If you remember the Acura ZDX, which many might not, it was the name used for a coupe-style SUV that arrived in 2009. Unfortunately, the first ZDX was ahead of its time by a few years and quickly left the market. This new model is an electric SUV, and it’s right on time. With many automakers adding electric SUVs to the mix, it’s easy to understand why Acura would also bring an electric SUV to market for 2024. The partnership with GM creates the ability for Acura to offer this new SUV in the luxury market.

How similar is the ZDX to the Cadillac Lyriq?

The new Cadillac Lyriq will play in a higher end of the luxury market, but the Lyriq and ZDX are similarly sized electric SUVs. Both have a wheelbase measuring 121.8 inches, but the Acura is slightly taller and thinner, measuring 64.4 and 77.0 inches, respectively. The ZDX is slightly longer as well, at 197.7 inches from bow to stern.

Measurements aside, the differences between the Acura and Cadillac EVs are easy to spot. They might ride on the same platform, but each offers distinct styling that’s easy to understand and shows you what makes them fit in their respective brand lineups. The Acura SUV includes a set of “Jewel Eye” LED headlights and a pentagonal faux grille with dimensional surfaces that give it depth.

This new Acura ZDX also wears a floating roof design that makes the top appear to be hovering above the body. The wheels finish the ensemble with the A-Spec model wearing 20-inch wheels and the Type S riding on a set of 22s.

Two power options for excellent electric driving

The ZDX comes in two flavors: A-Spec and Type S. The A-Spec model includes a single electric motor layout and RWD. This trim delivers 340 horsepower to the wheels, which is more than enough power for most drives to enjoy an excellent feeling on the road. The A-Spec can be optioned with a two-motor AWD layout, but we don’t have the power specs for that model yet.

Turning to the Type S version, you’ll find a dual-motor layout and standard AWD to deliver up to 500 horsepower, which is sent to all four wheels. The Type S is the sporty and fun version of this electric SUV, making it the choice for drivers looking for a little more oomph. Regardless of the version chosen, the ZDX is rated to tow up to 3,500 pounds.

How far can the ZDX drive?

This new Acura EV utilizes a 102.0-kWh battery pack, which enables it to charge quickly at a rate of about 81 miles for every ten minutes when utilizing a DC fast-charger. The single-motor A-Spec model is expected to be the longest-range version, with up to 325 miles of driving range, while an AWD A-Spec could achieve 315 miles of driving range. The Type S should provide as much as 288 miles of driving distance on a single full charge.

What makes the Type S special?

Other than increased power, what does the Acura ZDX Type S offer that you won’t find in the A-Spec trim? The A-Spec has a coil spring suspension, but the Type S features adaptive dampers and adjustable airbags for different ride heights. The Type S also includes upgraded brakes with 15.6-inch front rotors, Bembo six-piston brake calipers, and grippy summer tires to give this powerful ZDX a sportier feel on any road.

Acura sticks to its interior design language

When you step inside the new ZDX, you’re not taken to a futuristic place like many EVs do. Instead, you’re greeted with familiar controls with flowing lines on the dash and doors that flow into each other smoothly. The screens are digitized but sized appropriately to give you an excellent feeling during any drive.

The new 2024 Acura ZDX is ready to launch. Will this be the new electric Acura SUV that rockets you to fun and luxurious driving?

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