2015 Black Dodge Durango

When the Dodge Durango first came out it filled a space in the SUV community that was left void and still continues to be an area many others don’t make their way into.  With the movement toward crossover SUVs and compact-crossover SUVs the supposed offroad vehicles have gotten smaller and smaller.  SUV used to mean a vehicle that was built on a truck platform that made its way to being a large vehicle that could haul more people and stuff than a truck could.  These vehicles were also made for the off road adventures while pickup trucks were meant for the work day.

Since there was the crossover segment and the large SUV segment separated there has only been one successful player in this area and that has been the Dodge Durango.  As a “larger than” a crossover SUV the Durango had instant success when it was first introduced.  Many who had grown tired of being tossed around in a large body on frame SUV chose the Durango for the features and built that it offered which was a much better drive than they already had experienced.  This gave a new class of SUV and really was the beginning of the crossovers which, as stated, have only gotten smaller over time.

As the Durango continues to be a fan favorite from Dodge this amazing vehicle offers the pleasure of driving a V6 engine rather than a large V8 to enjoy some reasonable fuel mileage, which can’t be had in the larger SUVs.  The engine of the Durango is a 3.6-lite Pentastar V6 that gives up a variation from 14 to 25 mpg depending on the build and the road chosen for driving.  A range of 369 miles is expected which means 290 horsepower can carry you a great distance.

Spacious and comfortable the Durango has offered excellent creature comforts for several years including seven airbags, a backup camera, parking assistance, keyless entry, leather seating, tri-zone climate controls, a heated steering wheel and three rows of seats.  The technology offered includes a power liftgate, HD radio, SiriusXM with traffic alerts, a 506 watt nine-speaker audio system, a rear seat DVD entertainment system, HID headlights, a power tilt/telescoping steering column, rain sensing wipers, blind spot and cross pat detection and much more.  With all this inside a Durango you can certainly understand why the Durango has been one of the favorites for a long time.

If you do just not love the look of the smaller crossover SUVs on the market and not quite ready to pull out a ladder to get up inside the larger box on frame models that continue to take up the road, the Durango just might be the right choice for you.  By playing in between these two segments the Durango has been one of the bestselling SUVs on the road today and offers the most features and size for the money.  Check out a new Durango and see if you can get a great deal as the model year is coming to a close and Dodge dealers are making room for new inventory to arrive soon.

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