2016 Dodge Viper/ACR

When you want to know about the 2016 model lineup you want all the information, or at least to know what all the models will be.  Even though not every single model will be covered, I’ve already given you fifty in the past five installments of this series, and now I give you ten more to look at.  Keep on reading and checking back for more updates as to what the 2016 lineup will look like.

Dodge Viper/ACR – This is the toy of toys for those who want a high powered machine that is still made in Detroit.  The Viper and ACR offer a wide variety of styling upgrades of the previous year that all add more aerodynamics, more airflow or more downforce to the car.  When you select your Viper you get to choose how it is set up for you and the type of driving you do whether its weekend cruising or you have some track time reserved.

Ferrari 488 GTB This awesome sports car uses a ton of different ways to balance out the car and provide you with beautifully crafted aerodynamic elements that are fluidly designed to flow with the car as well as provide the downforce and airflow needed to give this car some of the best grip on any track.  The 488 uses the 3.9-liter twin turbocharged V8, giving it more power and better fuel efficiency so you can ride for even longer than before.

Ferrari California TLaugh if you want but this is the volume model for Ferrari at $203,000 which hardly seems like a volume price.  The smooth style and graceful curves make this a car that you fall in love with as soon as you see it and when you add in elements that are throwback styles like the front grill and the side view mirrors which let you feel as if you have a classic Ferrari with updated technology.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta As a classically powered Ferrari the F12 is one of the last that will have the high powered V12 engine that is naturally aspirated for 731 horsepower and 509 lb.-ft. of torque.  The rumor is this may not be an offering that is around much longer although a hybrid V12 may be available soon in order to replace this model and keep the power of the V12 alive.

Ferrari FFWhen you think Ferrari you don’t normally think of spacious room for a golfing foursome, but this one has it and then some.  Toss in the AWD system and an independent transmission for each axle and you see why the FF can be popular with families as the car that not only carries them where they need to go, but shows off with the highly recognized sports car badge.

Fiat 500/c/e/AbarthThe 500 line from Fiat has only a few changes to its models including a new navigation system and upgraded infotainment system and a touchscreen that is similar to what is found in the larger models.   There will even be a special edition model offered for 2016 to keep us truly interested in this lineup until it’s time for the remodel of a new generation.

Fiat 500LSitting up a little higher than the 500 lineup the 500L offers you four doors and a one of the best driving positions for a hatchback.  This car makes it easy to see everything around you and keeps you comfortable in a roomy interior that has a friendly infotainment system that you can enjoy from the other seats along with a great feeling that really is Italian in nature.

Ford C-Max/Energi – With the EcoSelect to improve the fuel economy and the Sync 3 aboard the C-Max offers some excellent performance features to be enjoyed by anyone looking for a nice hatchback.  The Energi model offers some plug in available range to give you the power train you are looking for.  As a great city car the C-Max is not limited by where it can go but will give you the fuel mileage to go anywhere.

Ford FiestaFord is allowing the Fiesta to continue on with very few changes.  When you have a model that already has the Sync 3 infotainment system and remote keyless entry it’s pretty simple to leave it alone and enjoy the benefits of success.  The ST does add new Rado Grey 17-inch wheels to the menu along with several other wheel and paint offerings to let you make the Fiesta a party every time you drive.

Ford Focus/Electric/RSThe Focus is one you should keep your eye on and if it’s what you are looking for as an upgrade or new model then you just need to decide if you want the 2016 or want to wait until 2017 when the European model will show up.  Either way, the Focus has been a great car for many to drive and gives you a wide selection of features and benefits that will ensure you have the car you truly desire.

Of course with this group you see some serious high performance machines, a few mainstream Italians and some of the current domestics to give you a nice selection.  Check back and see what the next ten in this menu will have to offer you as you search for that new car that will certainly give you the drive, performance and price you desire.

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