The Best Car Accessories for 2024: Enhance Your Driving Experience

What are some of the best car accessories for your vehicle? Here are a few items you might want to have in your car to make your driving experience better.

When you buy a new car, truck, or SUV, it’s not personalized to you. Even if you buy a used model, you won’t have the accessories you want to enjoy. These accessories are items that make your life a little easier that you can add to your car.

Here are a few of the best car accessories to help you have a better experience on the road.

Trunk organizer

Are you tired of hearing things rolling around in your trunk? Many grocery stores have gone away from paper bags in favor of plastic, and if you go to a Costco or Sam’s Club, you don’t get bags at all. Even if you don’t keep cleaners and fluids in your trunk, you’ll have to hear your groceries roll around when you take a turn. With a trunk organizer that can be secured with Velcro or straps, your stuff can stay put and remain organized during your drive.

Portable car desk/tray

Do you spend a lot of time eating or working in your car? If so, you can make this activity very comfortable with a portable car desk/tray. This is one of the best car accessories available, allowing you to put your laptop on the desk or spread out your meal on the tray. This helps you have the convenience you need in the comfort of your car. You can even use this item when you’re the passenger and need to work in the backseat while the driver handles the driving duties.

Cordless vacuum

If you love going to the beach or you live in a cold climate, you know the challenge of getting rock salt and beach sand out of your vehicle’s carpets. These items are annoying and cause your vehicle to be dirty until you get to the car wash station. A cordless vacuum can help you have the clean environment you desire and deserve. If you have pets, you might also want a pet hair scraper to get all the pet hair up and out of your carpets and seats.

Window shades

Does your car have window shades? If not, you might want to buy a couple of them for the rear windows. If you have to take your kids to school or tote them around town regularly, you’ll want to make sure they are protected during the drive. This means sticking window shades to your windows to block out some of the sun’s rays. Your kids will be glad you gave them these shades, especially smaller children. These shades are some of the best car accessories you can buy and help keep the inside of your vehicle cooler.

Two USB car charger

Most vehicles still don’t come with enough USB ports and some older models don’t have any. You can fix this issue buy adding a dual-USB car charger that plugs into your 12-volt port. This spot could be the cigarette lighter in older cars but is mostly marked as a 12-volt port. This addition increases the number of charging ports you’ve got on the car, making it easier to keep your phone charged and ready to go at all times.

Interior LED car lights

If you want a dazzling effect throughout your car, add some lights to your footwells or dashboard. These lights can give you the added style you’re looking for to make your car look great while driving. Your passengers will love the light show you put on for them. Some models offer the ability to change lights or scroll through some lighting styles to give you the look you want. These car lights could be one of the best car accessories you can add to make your car feel personalized to you.

Cupholder adapter

The popularity of large drink carriers comes with one serious problem. These flasks, bottles, and cups are often too large for regular cupholders. How can you fix this issue? Buy a cupholder adapter that fits in your traditional cupholder but brings a larger ring up above the space to give you a large holder for your Yeti, Stanley, or Hydro Flask water bottle that’s just too big for the regular cupholder in your car.

Will you add any of these items to your car? These are just a few of the best car accessories that could make your vehicle a little more personal to your driving needs.

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