The 2023 Toyota Prius Enters a New Hybrid Generation

The 2023 version of the Toyota Prius is all-new. This updated and improved hybrid car hits a market filled with hybrid and electric cars.

The Prius has been the most popular and impressive hybrid vehicle in the world. Even though it wasn’t the first hybrid car, when you hear the term hybrid, the first car to come to mind is this little Toyota. Toyota has a habit of keeping car generations around for several years longer than most other automakers, giving us time to really enjoy what their vehicles offer.

How Many Reasons Are There to Like the Prius?

Can you imagine anything offering 82 million reasons to like it? Thanks to the Toyota hybrid technology, that’s how many tons of carbon dioxide have not been released into the atmosphere because of Toyota hybrid vehicles. The Prius is the first name in this class, making it the real OG of the hybrid world.

Early versions of the Prius were shaped like doorstoppers and considered pretty ugly. Today, this car shows up with some incredible style and impressive aerodynamics to offer the looks desired.

The Prius Makes Tim Taylor Happy with More Power

The new Toyota Prius brings a lot more power than the last generation of this car. If you remember the TV sitcom “Home Improvement,” you’ll remember the character of Tim Taylor grunting with pleasure whenever something had more power. The new Prius enjoys an increase in horsepower from 121 to 194. If you choose the AWD version, that number is even higher at 196 horsepower. The build of this new Prius is lower, lighter, and wider than the previous generation, giving you a hybrid car that delivers an excellent drive.

The Driving Features You Want in the Prius

Toyota regularly delivers full packages of standard driver assistance features to give us confidence out on the road. These items normally include forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control. For the new Prius, we see Proactive Driving Assist. This feature is truly an assistant to the driver giving the car subtle steering and braking adjustments during turns when a vehicle, cyclist, or pedestrian is ahead. The Lane Tracing Assist has been updated to keep a safer distance from other cars and avoid entering the adjacent lane. This is a helpful feature when you’ve got to pass a large truck.

What Makes the Prius a Great Option?

The latest generation of the Toyota Prius delivers many of the same qualities we’ve admired for many years. This new model offers excellent fuel mileage, plenty of standard equipment, and available AWD. This new generation model is visually appealing and continues in the tradition of being the car we turn to when the gas prices cross whatever imaginary threshold we’ve set that tells us gas has gotten too costly to continue driving the vehicles we own. Will you drive one of these new-generation models?

What You’ll Find in the Cabin of this Toyota Hybrid

The driver information display is finally in front of the driver in the Prius. It used to be on top of the center console, which was a strange place for this information to be displayed. The entire dashboard is clean and modern, offering the style you’ll admire and enjoy for many years. The infotainment screen is large and right next to the information display, giving you an easy sightline to both screens and the road ahead.

This New Hybrid Looks Incredible

For many years, the Toyota Prius had a distinct and recognizable shape that made it hard to take in some generations. From the wedge that cut the wind to a generation that had more creases and lines than an origami swan, the Prius was made to attract a specific type of driver.

While successful, this time around, the Prius is sleek and well-built, offering a look that appears as if it was sculpted in a wind tunnel. The lines and shapes bring this car into a modern era of style, giving us a highly attractive vehicle to drive. The roof is two inches lower than before the body is one inch wider. These two changes make this car show up and show off.

How is the Prius Powered?

Power for the new Prius comes from a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine plus one or two electric motors. In FWD models, you’ll have one motor and 194 horsepower, while the AWD version adds a second electric motor and delivers 196 horsepower. The estimated fuel economy is 57 mpg combined, which means this new hybrid not only offers more power but also better fuel mileage. The outgoing Prius delivered 52 mpg combined, which was impressive, but the new 2023 model is even better.

What are Some of the Best Features of this New Toyota Prius?

Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

Every new model of the 2023 Prius comes with wireless connectivity, giving you an easy way to connect without taking charging cords with you on the road. This is one of the best convenience items for this little car.

A Bigger and Better Infotainment System

The base LE trim has an 8-inch touchscreen, which is larger than the old model. Moving up to the XLE trim, you’ll find a 12.3-inch screen which comes standard. There are six USB-C ports in every model, and the new Prius can receive over-the-air updates.

Digital Key

You can access this car by using your smartphone. All you’ve got to do is choose either the XLE or Limited trims and enjoy the benefits of the Digital Key function, which allows you to remotely lock and unlock your car using your phone.

Advanced Park

Usually reserved for higher-level cars and luxury vehicles, the 2023 Toyota Prius includes Advanced Park in the Limited trim. This is a hands-free parking system that’s ideal for both parallel and perpendicular parking.

Powered Tailgate

You won’t find many hatchbacks with a powered tailgate, but the Prius has one. This feature is exclusive to the top Limited trim. This feature gives you a little bit of luxury in your small hybrid hatchback car.

Will you choose the new generation 2023 Toyota Prius to be the hybrid car that you love to drive every day? This new model is a fitting upgrade and brings this car into the modern era with the right amount of style and technology.

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