The Toyota Venza Has Been Out for Months and Here’s What We Think

The Toyota Venza emerged for the 2021 model year as a new hybrid SUV that sits in the midsize-crossover class.

This vehicle should have a wonderful life in the market. It comes from a brand that’s well-known for reliability and has led the way with hybrid models for many years. Now that this SUV has been back in the market for a few months, we need to discuss the pros and cons of the Venza.

Pro: Unique Interior Styling

You expect to find new elements to new vehicles, and the Venza is full of them. This SUV has a ton of space to give you the comfort you’re looking for when you get ready to take a drive. Check out the stylish curves and the appealing materials that go along with the roominess. When you’re in charge of the office carpool, your coworkers will love that you drive this Toyota.

Pro: Standard Electric All-Wheel Drive

Forget the decision of whether or not to add AWD to the mix, you’ll have it and it will come on whenever it’s needed. This system will know when you need to use it and when it’s not needed, you’ll have the added efficiency of an SUV that uses FWD. This is an impressive feature you’re sure to love in the Toyota Venza.

Con: The Venza Lacks Towing Power

If you don’t think you’ll ever need to pull a trailer, the Venza can be ideal for you. With this hybrid SUV, you’ll have to give up any hope of ever hooking up a small boat or trailer to the rear and pulling it to the campsite. This SUV is suited for your regular city driving and highway enjoyment, just don’t expect to haul a heavy load.

Pro: Excellent Multimedia Features Offered

The new Toyota Venza gives you seamless connectivity with apps you want to enjoy. Your smartphone will integrate easily with Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay, and you’ll have the benefits of the SiriusXM satellite radio. Enjoy the variety and versatility of the entertainment options you’ll enjoy when you’re out for a drive in this impressive Toyota SUV.

Pro: An Advanced Digital Rearview Mirror for the Toyota Venza

The rearview mirror of this SUV can be controlled electronically and with the use of the HomeLink technology. This technology gives you a wider view that makes use of the rearview camera that will give you a picture of everything going on behind you. This tech item is impressive and has been donned as one of the most advanced offered in the market today. You’ll see everything you need to even when you load the rear with gear to the roof.

Con: Road Noise Gets Into the Cabin

If you were expecting a quiet ride in the Venza because it’s a hybrid SUV, you might be a little disappointed. This SUV doesn’t have a lot of insulation or road noise technology to keep the noises out. You’ll hear some of the tire noise and other things as you ride along. By no means is the cabin overly noisy, but it’s not as quiet as you might expect.

Pro: Heated Seats Keep You Comfortable on Cold Days

Often, when you hear that a vehicle has heated seats that means you have to upgrade to leather upholstery. That’s not the case in the Toyota Venza. The fabric seats can be heated to give you an affordable way to have a comfortable ride. Of course, if you want, you can upgrade to leather or perforate vinyl for your seat covering.

Pro: Functionality Built Into the Sunroof

The sunroof of the Toyota Venza does more than simply open and close like most do. The Star Gaze panoramic sunroof has on and off features to give you a view of stars that might be above you along with a power sunshade feature that gives you more control over the look of the roof that can be admired by your passengers during your drive.

The Verdict is In

While there are a couple of items you might not admire about the new Toyota Venza, this is an excellent new hybrid SUV in the midsize-crossover class. When you want something different and better, you’ll be pleased to take this impressive SUV out for a drive. Visit your local Toyota dealer today and let them help you understand the build and the qualities that make the Venza the right choice when you’re ready to drive.

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