2016 Ford Shelby Mustang

The Ford Mustang has been an American Icon for decades. From the Mustang Roush and Saleen to the Shelby, there is a lot of history that stands behind the Mustang name. From coupes and convertibles, to GT versions and turbocharged engines, Mustang has been a powerful vehicle that is fast on the road and a head turner to bystanders and onlookers. Everyone looks when Mustang passes them by.

Ford has done it again with the introduction of the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 model. Ford is redefining sexy and the muscle car with this powerful beast of a car. Its sleek styling and bold design stands apart from the competition with a V8 engine rumoring rpms of up to 8000 and flat-plane crank which is usually found in Ferraris. It is expected to have a horsepower of around 500 and 400 lb-ft of torque.

For muscle car enthusiasts, The 5.2 liter V8 offers the “throaty” sound that they are used to in the older muscle cars. This car will sound like it is roaring. This engine only comes available with a six speed manual transmission. Ford’s first application of continuously controlled magnetorheological damping system called MagneRide, will be featured in this beastly Shelby. This allows Shelby’s suspension to be cycled through five modes, which also control steering, throttle, exhaust, and programming of the ABS, traction, and stability control.

Shelby will also come with more advanced shocks and beefier brakes for better driving control and handling. Although the Shelby comes ready to shred the road and track apart, it is a very stripped down model. It will not come with AC, stereo, no rear seats, no truck upholstery or cargo floor, and no spare tire. There will also not be a rear backup camera. Ford also deleted resonators from the exhaust in order to lift weight from the new model.

It is clear that the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 was built for one thing only; slinging around the track and passing all she encounters. You can expect a huge engine and powerful performance for the price tag, but what you won’t get is the comfort features you may have come to expect from previous Mustang models.

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